Yaan Xinkuang Develops an Initiative for Using Restored Rare Earth Magnets

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Rare earth magnets are critical in the development of strong supply chains that catalyze and support growth in the electric vehicle sector and other clean technologies

Sichuan, China (PRUnderground) December 16th, 2022

Yaan Xinkuang, a Chinese mineral development company that focuses on critical metals and minerals having increasing demand in modern technologies and which is currently in the advanced stages of development, announced today the launch of a groundbreaking grant-funded project involving rare earths recycling for electrical vehicles (EVs).

The project will create an end-to-end supply chain for incorporating recycled rare earth magnets into electric vehicles, with recycled magnets being built into an ancillary electric motor to eventually support the development of a commercial ancillary motor suite.

The Hydrogen Dispensation of Magnet Scrap process, which extracts and demagnetizes neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) alloy powders from magnets embedded in scrap and redundant equipment, is critical to the project. Furthermore, the project includes a strong group of partners with complementary expertise and common features: ample experience in designing motors for clients; a key figure in the recycling of e – wastes, and working with a diverse range of businesses; a well-known volume automotive supplier with a global reach.

Meng Xiu, Chief Scientist and Principal Engineer of Yaan Xinkuang commented: “We are very excited about this innovative project and the possibility of scaling it up and commercializing the technology. We anticipate that rare-earth magnet recycling will play a critical role in the development of rigorous supply chains to catalyze and support growth in the electric vehicle sector and other clean technologies. Building on our platform in the circular economy and downstream markets is an important component of our strategy, which is supported by the long-term development of the Lushan Project.”

With the growing demand for sustainably sourced commodities, the initiative emphasizes the role that closed-loop chains can play in rare earths supply, in order to meet the environmental and economic demands of the expanding electric vehicle market. Yaan Xinkuang looks forward to continuing to support the development of the rare earth recycling industry as an early participant in this project.

About Yaan Xinkuang

Yaan-Xinkuang.com was founded as an ethical and environmentally responsible mineral development company and is now one of China’s leading rare earth material producers. The rare earth elements produced by Yaan Xinkuang are employed in a variety of high-tech and future-oriented applications, including electronics, wind turbines, and hybrid and electric automobiles, among others. Yaan Xinkuang stands out among rare earth manufacturers by providing items that can be traced from the mine to the finished product. At Yaan Xinkuang, we believe in providing high-quality products and excellent service to clients across the world; advancing our customers’ product development and sustainability goals; and maintaining safe, efficient, and sustainable workplaces.

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