Yaan Xinkuang Reveals New Foundational Achievements in the Rare Earths Industry

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The company is proactively responding to international industries' demand for a consistent and dependable supply of rare earths

Sichuan, China (PRUnderground) November 3rd, 2022

Yaan Xinkuang, a Chinese mineral development company that focuses on critical metals and minerals having increasing demand in modern technologies and which is currently in the advanced stages of development, is pleased to announce the strengthening of its mineral supply chain capabilities, with international corporate operations and development activities.

Although customers and governments are concerned about the lack of consistency in supply, demand for rare earths is strong and growing as more new and cutting-edge products and technologies are developed. With assured supply, demand will skyrocket, with most of the supply coming from the new, stable, and dependable sources. Many industries, including industrial, consumer, medicinal, and military applications, rely on rare earth materials. Rare earths are found in components used in electric vehicles, wind turbines, telecommunications, computers, medical equipment, oil cracking, and military applications like fighter jets and submarines, to name a few.

“Our global footprint has been established and continues to expand due to the implementation of our main pillars: resource development using several proprietary characteristics augmented with exceptional supply; development of value-add mid-stream production sites; and increasing essential mineral product sales to our strong and broadening customer base”, stated Zhao Ming, Chief Executive Officer of Yaan Xinkuang.

“Our sales and trading activities are geared toward growing mineral concentrate sales in order to meet the needs of our current customer base. As supply grows, we will add new customers and direct concentrates to refineries that we own or create. In accordance with our exclusive international distribution agreement, we will additionally increase our sales efforts for high purity and specialty rare earth items. Once up and running, these focuses will let us deliver concentrates to our refineries and market oxides produced by the refineries”, noted Guo Fang, Chief Investment Officer of Yaan Xinkuang.

About Yaan Xinkuang

Yaan-Xinkuang.com was founded as an ethical and environmentally responsible mineral development company and is now one of China’s leading rare earth material producers. The rare earth elements produced by Yaan Xinkuang are employed in a variety of high-tech and future-oriented applications, including electronics, wind turbines, and hybrid and electric automobiles, among others. Yaan Xinkuang stands out among rare earth manufacturers by providing items that can be traced from the mine to the finished product. At Yaan Xinkuang, we believe in providing high-quality products and excellent service to clients across the world; advancing our customers’ product development and sustainability goals; and maintaining safe, efficient, and sustainable workplaces.

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