Young Black Voices: The Bougie Survivalist Podcast Announces Season Two

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With so many political movements inspiring the youth and African-Americans to get involved with policy making, Brooke HK wants to make sure she uses her platform to help.

Detroit, MI (PRUnderground) June 20th, 2020

After the initial success of her podcast The Bougie Survivalist, Brooke HK is back with a new show structure to reach a wider audience.

“I really want the youth to understand politics and why it is so important.  Especially the African-American community.” Politics has always been a passion for Brooke.  “Since a teenager I have always been interested in American legislation policies, I was President of the Legislative Debate Team in High School.”  It only made sense for the podcast host to continue her journey by educating others on the topic.

The new show format will be split between survival topics on Tuesday, and political topics on Thursday starting in July.  The Survival series will feature topics like mental health, pandemic preparations, and self-care.  Meanwhile during the Political series, topics include American Policy history introduction, how to start a political career, why your vote does matter, and more.

“The Youth is the future, everything being passed now will directly affect us in the upcoming years. It is important that Millennial’s and Gen Z become more involved.”

Follow The Bougie Survivalist on Spotify, and Brooke HK on Instagram @TheBougieSurvivalist.

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