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Said Shiripour is a German software entrepreneur and founder of the SaaS solution EZFunnels. EZFunnels.

Dubai, UAE (PRUnderground) September 12th, 2022

Said Shiripour, founder of EZfunnels, an SaaS Solution that helps entrepreneurs automate their online marketing processes and generate more leads and sales through their funnels, has announced work has begun on EZFunnels version 2.0. The new version, which will introduce new key features to the platform, is projected to be released in June of 2023.

Meet Said Shiripour

Said Shiripour is a German software entrepreneur and founder of the SaaS solution EZFunnels. EZFunnels. Said Shiripour studied engineering at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern, specializing in computer science. In 2013, Said Shiripour quit his studies and started his online marketing career. The CEO has several software projects under his belt, from webinar software Webinarfly, to video player tool for online marketers EZPlayer, and even online course members area Memberwunder. The largest and most recent software project, EZFunnels, is an all in one software solution that helps businesses convert visitors into leads and sales thanks to sales funnels.

In addition to software products, Said Shiripour has already created and launched over 50 online courses in German-speaking countries. He has turned over more than 58 million euros with his courses and software projects and has been named the most successful online marketing expert in the German-speaking region by Entrepreneur University. As a proponent of it, Said Shiripour is critical of businesses that remained undigitized.

Said Shiripour has been a huge advocate for automation, claiming the many benefits it brings to any business, including the job security and individual productivity afforded to employees.Said Shiripour has already provided consultation for many companies, with automation receiving a great reception from employees that are able to enjoy less gruelling demands at their jobs.

Said Shiripour is aware of the variable environment that the internet presents, what is in fashion today might just as soon be out of vogue tomorrow. As such, strategies must change just as frequently, needing new solutions and experimentation to find those solutions. Through his software, Said Shiripour is filling that niche.

As he’s found tremendous success, many often ask Said Shiripourwhat his secret is. “Success is a process of failing and learning many times. If you want to be successful, you shouldn’t be prepared for a 100 meter run, it’s a marathon,” Shiripour says. “The goal should not be the joy of entrepreneurship, but the way to get there. Because on this path a person grows through all his mistakes and his achievements. I believe that entrepreneurs are the only people who can shape our world and make it a better place. You have a great responsibility not only towards your employees but also towards your customers and the environment.”

Said Shiripour takes every opportunity to learn from both successes and failures, and through this same process of experimentation, he applies this as he consults with businesses and further optimizes EZFunnels processes.

EZFunnels Breaks Down Metrics Simply and Effectively

EZFunnels was founded by Said Shiripour, a software engineer and entrepreneur. The idea behind EZFunnels is simple: to provide businesses with an easy and intuitive online marketing tool. With EZFunnels, businesses can create and format their online space, run automated webinars to generate sales 24/7, run and compare sales funnels, and even offer a member’s area to turn customers into loyal fans. Even with the existing variety of features, EZFunnels 2.0 will expand the platform to include a new blogging feature, and to provide new payment connections such as Stripe and Payoneer.

“We are currently brewing [version 2.0], which will enable our customers to set up their online presence on our platform within minutes with even less effort, even if they have no previous experience,” Said Shiripour, says about the new version. “Our goal is to inspire and win over 200,000 customers from German-speaking countries for EZFunnels by 2025. Funnels is the best method to automatically gain contacts and customers faster and easier via the Internet.”

With the new features, EZFunnels is hoping to bring in those greater numbers by offering more than the typical SaaS software. Said Shiripour is hoping that this approach will afford entrepreneurs a greater fortune that they could in turn give back to their customers and their environment.

with a user friendly system, combined with a robust social space at a brand’s disposal, EZFunnels is changing how business is done globally.

EZFunnels is offering customers a 14-day free trial of their existing software on their website.

To learn more, contact Said Shiripour at

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