Young, Talented Artist Cedric Releases the Latest EP “New Bohemia”

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Chicago, USA (PRUnderground) April 10th, 2021

Born in Ruhengeri, Rwanda, Cedric is a young talented artist with an extraordinary career. He has a unique music style that is hard to miss. He has a gentle voice that sings tough words. He is the voice of the voiceless. He wants his music to inspire people to do better in their life. With his determination and hard work, Cedric is rapidly paving his way through the music industry.

This Chicago-raised artist takes his musical inspiration from legends like The Ramones (Punk), Early Pink Floyd (Psychedelic rock), The Beatles (Rock), and Coldplay (Indie). His music is not meant to be boxed. He is a versatile artist that likes to define his music style as Punk Rock/ Indie Rock.

Cedric has always been in awe of the magic that music could create, ever since he was a little kid. After honing his craft for several years, Cedric finally decided to enter the music game. Telling about his musical journey, Cedric says, “I was raised in Rwanda until 2010. I’ve always liked music ever since I was a small child. I learned the drums at Sunday church in my old boarding school in Ruhengeri. When I moved to America, I was introduced more to western music which eventually led to a heavy indulgence in rock music specifically.”

Cedric has recently released an EP titled “New Bohemia”. This EP comprises four mellifluous singles- Rwandan Energy, Can’t Let You Go, Barrett’s Homage, and Cruelty. While all four songs are loved by the fans, Can’t Let You Go has become listeners’ most favorite track. This 9 minute 15 seconds EP will make people forget about all their worries. The songs on this EP have the potential to become the top tracks in everyone’s go-to playlist.

Cedric believes that music has therapeutic abilities that can heal a suffering soul mentally, physically, and emotionally. With his out-of-the-box music, this brilliant artist wants to leave a mark on the world. His music is a perfect blend of free-flowing lyrics and upbeat music. His music is a vibe that matches every mood- be it a house party or a soothing long drive, Cedric’s music has got it covered!

Cedric is an energetic and driven artist who doesn’t let hurdles stop him from achieving his goals. He urges his fans to stay tuned for more upcoming music that is on the way.

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