Youth Preparation for School and Sports with Life Savers Emergency Room’s Sports Physicals

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Life Savers ER offers thorough sports physicals for the surrounding Houston area, ensuring students start the school year ahead of the game.

Houston, TX (PRUnderground) August 15th, 2023

As the new school year approaches, families across the Houston area get ready for back-to-school and ensure their children prepare for academic and extracurricular success. Life Savers Emergency Room (ER) supports the local community by offering comprehensive sports physicals designed to provide parents, coaches, and students with optimal health and readiness for the year ahead.

The benefits of sports physicals for today’s youth are numerous. They offer early detection of potential health issues and provide a safety measure, ensuring that students are physically fit to participate in sports, thereby reducing the risk of injuries. For parents searching for “sports physicals near me,” these physicals offer peace of mind, knowing their child is healthy and ready for physical activity. Additionally, they guide nutrition, exercise, and overall well-being, ensuring students can perform at their best in school and sports activities.

“Every child’s health and safety are paramount, especially when participating in physical activities,” says a Dr. Aydeamo. “Our sports physicals are designed to be comprehensive, ensuring that every aspect of a child’s health is assessed and addressed.”

Life Savers’ sports physicals start with thoroughly reviewing the child’s medical records and family history. The medical team further checks vital signs, measures physical attributes, and reviews immunization records. Vision screening identifies any vision issues that might impact sports performance, while a musculoskeletal examination assesses muscles, bones, and joints for any potential issues. The physicals also include medication authorization for those requiring medications during school hours and sports activities.

With the school year’s onset, preparedness is at the forefront, ensuring students are ready to participate from day one without any delays. By getting a sports physical before the school year starts, parents can avoid the rush and potential appointment delays during the school year. This is why Life Savers Emergency Room offers the flexibility of bringing your student in at any time. These physicals provide baseline health data, offering a starting point for the school year and making it easier to track any changes or issues if they arise later.

Beyond the realm of sports, these sports physicals available in Houston ensure that students are in overall good health, setting them up for success in and out of the classroom. As Dr. Adeyamo adds, “It’s not just about sports. It’s about preventative health and ensuring our children are set up for a successful and healthy school year.”

Parents are encouraged to bring their children in for sports physical at Life Savers ER soon to ensure they’re ready for the start of Fall and Winter sports. Contact one of the three Houston locations to schedule a sports physical. Walk-ins are also welcome.

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