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ZenPlugs’ Unique Modular Custom Ear Plugs System Revolutionises Ear Plug Technology

Industry: Medical

This week ZenPlugs launched their new modular earplug system which has several new patent-pending features making them even more comfortable and effective.

UK (PRUnderground) December 7th, 2012

ZenPlugs has announced their latest custom molded ear plug kit, hailed as a revolution in ear plug technology.  It has several unique patent-pending features never seen before, making the kit compact, easy to make, comfortable, hygienic and effective.  The modular system cuts down on waste and allows the user to utilise customised handle and cord attachments according to their requirements.  The plugs are individually molded to the user’s ears making them very comfortable and effective at blocking sound, water, sand and anything else you can think of from the ears.  They can be connected with a removable cord making them hard to lose and they even contain an antibacterial compound, Steritouch, proven to kill MRSA, Salmonella, E. coli and other disease-causing bacteria, helping prevent swimmers’ ear and otitis externa.

The new earplug kit has been launched in blue, black, grey and now a pink molded ear plug kit is available in response to customer demand.  They are great for sleeping, snoring, swimming, studying, surfing, motorcycles, flying and any other time you need a good pair of earplugs.  Visit www.zenplugs.co.uk now to find out more and buy a pair.

About ZenPlugs Ltd

One day in 2009 Dr Toby Bateson was fed up because his rubber stethoscope earpieces had split and fallen off again. In a flash of inspiration whilst in A and E Majors he realised he could make his own from some special plastic he had at home. After work he went out to his shed and gave it a go; it worked first time and in only a few minutes he’d made himself a great pair of earpieces, far more comfortable and long-lasting than his old ones. He could make them any colour he liked, rather than having to put up with boring old grey. It soon became obvious that the same technique could be used to make earplugs and earpieces for electronic audio equipment.

He was so happy with his new earpieces he decided to start a company to develop, manufacture and market his invention. The company started life as VariFone and had it’s name changed to ZenPlugs in 2010.

Based in Truro, Cornwall we source materials, services and expertise locally and export internationally. We pride ourselves on quality, innovation and customer service and hope our customers love what we do as much as we do.

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