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Dangers greet a South American plantation owner trying to solve some mysterious deaths occurring at an archaeological site near his home.

South America (PRUnderground) February 13th, 2018

At an archaeological site on a South American plantation, several strange deaths happen when a mysterious doorway is discovered at the back of the site in a large, mysterious rock wall. With the discovery of the first deaths, at the base of the large rock wall near the doorway, the plantation owner and his foreman agree the deaths seem to be accidents. The plantation owner has all the work stopped until he can check the safety procedures. Everything goes well, until several weeks later, when the foreman reports more of these strange deaths near the doorway. Before these deaths can be investigated, the State Minister decides to send his own people to investigate. The plantation owner decides to pursue a different course of action than the one the lead archaeologist determines should be taken. This creates a hostile, confrontational atmosphere between him and her. His need is to protect the people under his authority while her need is to find the secret of the great city.

The plantation owner needs to hear a legend, knowing it concerns the site. He takes the group to the Star Tribe to hear the ancient lore passed down by the tribe’s old medicine man. After his encounter, the plantation owner suspects the old medicine man has his own agenda concerning the site. The plantation owner, seeing the old medicine man talking with the head archaeologist, knows whatever the old medicine man plans, it will center on her.

Back at the archaeological site, the head archaeologist, and her assistant, take matters into their own hands. Despite the plantation owner’s warnings, their actions create even more problems for him. With the head Archaeologist’s betrayal, he discovers a strange-looking creature that has attack the lead archaeologist and her injured assistant. He has a, head to head, confrontation with her about her disregard for, not only, her life, but the other’s lives. This final encounter, between him and her, creates an alliance between them for the greater good of the group.

The head archaeologist discovers the power station for the great city and its uses of thermal heat throughout the city. The lead archaeologist and the plantation owner decide to dynamite each individual shaft in the power station, but, before dealing with the effects of the explosion, bringing the thermal heat up to the underground city, the warriors begin the systemic destruction of the upper areas of the underground. There are several intense encounters with the warriors.

The group just makes it to the outside of the great pyramid when the explosions begin in the underground city. The explosions almost cost their lives, but, they succeed with the destruction of the underground city and its warriors.

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