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Learn the Power of One Decision With Michelle Archer Momeny

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The healing period after a major experience of grief can be a herculean task. Journey to Success with Michelle Archer Momeny (now available on Amazon) tells its readers a tale of grief and sorrow and breaking through its debilitating effects. The author shares her story of loss, but more importantly, how she learned to accept… Read more »

Learn To Play the Cards Life Deals You With Eric Diaz’s New Book

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Ever feel like things are going well, and then life suddenly has you in a chokehold? Journey to Success with Eric Diaz, now for sale on Amazon, will take its readers on the author’s journey of ups and downs and how he dealt with the downs. Those conflicted with such a life journey will find… Read more »

Learn To Handle Transitions in Life With Devin M. Davis’ New Book

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Transitioning from a former way of life to a new one is never an easy process. Challenges are always around the corner, and they play dirty and attack from every direction. Journey to Success with Devin M. Davis, now available on Amazon, tells its readers the tale of a Marine who went through the trials… Read more »