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Secrets to Sustainable Solutions: How to Discover Your Individual Superpowers

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In her debut book, Secrets to Sustainable Solutions, Author and Facilitator in Wellness Recovery Lisa Blackburn Ullven MBA, delivers a formula to allow the everyday individual an opportunity to breathe through life without feeling suffocated. Lisa shares her personal stories of working with global companies to help readers relate to and understand their own superpowers…. Read more »

Global Book Reading Survey Results Released

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English-speaking book readers around the world say they plan to read more in 2023 than they did in 2022. Although eBooks and even audio books are increasingly popular, paper books remain the preferred format for readers around the world. This according to a survey of 945 book readers in 56 countries, conducted by THGM Writing… Read more »

How to Build a Solid Relationship with Your Grandkids Book Available on Traverse Bay Farms Website

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Grandkids and grandparents have a unique relationship. Grandparents are the link to the past and a bright future for every family. However, for a family to fully enjoy the rich experiences, memories and heritage grandparents offer, the bridge between the generations should be built. If you have grandkids, you can’t afford to miss this book…… Read more »