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New Book Release: ‘So Who is God, Anyway?’ by G.S. Payne

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Author and researcher G.S. Payne takes readers on an unprecedented journey through the annals of philosophical and religious thought with the release of his latest book, So Who is God, Anyway?: An (UN)orthodox Theory for Doubters, Skeptics, and Recovering Fundamentalists. This compelling work delves into more than 2,500 years of debates and ideas about the… Read more »

Empower Your Senior Community Against Scams with “Senior Savvy”

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In an era where scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated, it is essential to provide our seniors with the tools they need to navigate the challenges of the digital world confidently. We are excited to introduce “Senior Savvy: A Comprehensive Guide to Avoiding Scams,” a pivotal resource authored by Andy LaPointe, a retired registered investment advisor,… Read more »