What is a social media press release?

Here are answers to our most popular questions

Why is PRUnderground less expensive than other press release services?
We focus on getting your release into Google News, out to 100 syndicated news sites, and to social media, and we charge a fair and reasonable price for that service ($20-$39/press release). If you are spending $79-$1000 per press release on another service, ask yourself if it is worth that cost?
What are typical results from sending a press release on PRUnderground?
1) Your release will typically be found on Google News within minutes of distribution for keyword strings (2-3 words) in your headline (this is up to Google News of course, but most releases make it). 2) Your release will be sent to social media and bookmarking sites where they can be seen, retweeted, ‘favorited’, and shared. You may even get some follows and likes. 3) Each release is also published on 100 regional news sites including Boston.com, Cincinnati.com, Housingwire.com, Restaurant News, AZCentral.com, SiliconInvestor.com, International Business Times, Fox23News.com and Fox16News.com. See list of news sites 4) Your press release will be viewed on the PRUnderground site typically between 100-300 times in the first week, but depending on the announcement can get 10,000+ views or as few as 50. 5) You will have a newsroom page that can have company info, a link to your website, links to your social media accounts, and a list of the press releases you sent on PRUnderground.
How will I be billed?
You can pay via credit card or PayPal. Starter Plan is billed one time for one press release, and SEO Gold (3 releases per month) and SEO Premium (6 releases per month) are billed every month until you cancel. Payment is made to Madison Square Ventures LLC, which owns PRUnderground.com,
Where will my social media press release be distributed? What news sites will it appear on?
Your release will be made available to Google News, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Google+, FriendFeed, Deli.cio.us, AOL Lifestream, Diigo, Folkd, and more social media sites. They are also syndicated to 100 regional news sites including Boston.com, Cincinnati.com, Housingwire.com, Restaurant News, TravelWeekly.com, AZCentral.com, SiliconInvestor.com, International Business Times, Fox23News.com and Fox16News.com.. See list of news sites.
What makes PRunderground so much different from other press release distributors?
We are a new generation of press release distributors. Our social media and SEO (search engine optimized) releases can be effective for ranking on hard to rank targeted keywords. We are known for oftentimes ranking your release for keywords in your headline on Google News within 5 minutes from when it is published.
Are there any restrictions on what can be included in a press release?
We can not accept press releases about offensive, objectionable, or illegal subject matter. No adult content, no online gambling, no pornography, no slander or libel, no spam, no electronic cigarettes, no firearms/gun related products, no online pharmaceuticals or Google banned supplements (See list of banned pharmaceuticals and supplements), no stock recommendations. For press releases about legal matters or proceedings, all facts must reference the official case number/court record/filed legal actions. Releases must be in English and in the proper press release format.
Does PRUnderground replace a publicist/PR firm/PR outreach?
1) No! If it did we would charge more than $39. Rather press releases on PRUnderground.com should be part of a larger Marketing/PR/SEO effort. The most likely way to get the press to write a story about your business is to contact them directly yourself, or better yet, through a Publicist who has connections to writers and editors.
Can you embargo a press release until a very specific time?
We can not accept sensitive press releases that must be embargoed until a very specific time. You can set your preferred release time and date and typically it goes out within a 12 hour window around that date and time.
Should I send out my press release on multiple press release services?
If you send out your press release on multiple press release services at the same time you MUST at least change the headline and the first paragraph so it is not duplicate content. It may not be picked up by Google News if the exact same release has already been distributed on another press release site.
Can I add video to my social media press release?
Absolutely, PRunderground now includes free embedded videos from YouTube and Vimeo. All you need is the URL. There is no uploading involved. Just make sure the video is first loaded on YouTube or Vimeo. When filling out the press release form just add the URL in the appropriate field. It’s that simple.
Will my social media press release appear in Google News?
Most of the time. PRunderground press releases are picked up by Google News on a daily basis (See the latest). However, we only guarantee to include your release in our Google News feed… it’s up to Google to actually include it (which they do 90% of the time – when they do not it is usually because the release was published on another service, or it is too short/long, fragmented with bullet lists, or too generic).
Will my social media press release appear on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter?
Absolutely! Not only will it appear on our Facebook fan page, Twitter and all of our social networking channels.
Will my social media release be made available via my RSS Feed?
Just like the social networking accounts, we will also link it to your RSS Feeds.
What are Active bookmarking links?
Active bookmarking links are at the bottom of every press release. It makes it easy for readers to post your press release to these networks for all to share and read. Social websites make it easy for your readers to save and share your content. It is important that you bookmark your post to all of the popular bookmarking and news sites.
What is the real time site feature?
It is a feature which allows your website to be seen right from the social media press release in real time. PRunderground was one of the very first social media distributors to include this amazing feature.
What are active URL links?
These are links that are linked directly to your website, product, brand, and topic from your press release.
How is my social media press release SEO optimized?
In order for your press release to rank high and reach maximum exposure, PRunderground optimizes social media releases. We will analyze your release and add the proper tags and URL naming structure so that it gives your website increased traffic from clients searching for your product, brand or business online.
How long does it take for my release to appear online?
Generally after you submit your press release to PRunderground, it will take less than 24 hours for us to approve and include it in our news feed.
Will you write my release for me?
Not at this time, but you can get a press release written for as low as $5.
Can I make revisions after it has been approved?
Unlike many other social media release distributors, PRunderground allows you to make revisions even after your social media release has been distributed. There is no charge to make the changes.
Will distribution of my press release guarantee media coverage or sales?
As much as we would love it, we do not control the world. We just distribute your news, it’s all about writing an eye-catching, quality, headline and press release. Make sure you also submit it to all of your personal social network accounts. The more compelling your title, the better the chances of your release going viral. For press story coverage, we highly suggest that you do direct personal outreach to writers and editors.
How do I report a potential copyright violation?
We take reports of copyright infringement very seriously. Please report the potential infringement to dmca@prunderground.com with your full name and contact information, the URL where the potential infringement occurred, a description of what copyright may have been infringed upon, and a written or electronic signature and statement from the copyright holder. We will remove all valid take-down requests.


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