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Hudson Valley Artist Drawn to Nature Draws Nest and Feathers

ROSENDALE, N.Y. (PRUnderground) April 12th, 2019

IntoBirds, an online magazine, community, and educational resource for all things birds caught up with Katie Grove, an artist in Stone Ridge, New York to talk about her ongoing ‘Language of the Nest’ series featuring detailed renderings of bird’s nests and watercolor feathers drawn in fine art form.

Grove, a fiber artist, nature educator, and printmaker has a deep connection to nature and birds.

She embarked on an ongoing project of disassembling birds’ nests and paying homage to the time, preparation, persistence, and tasks found in nature by creating a series of highly-detailed etchings illustrating what birds weave into their homes.

Sketching a Love letter to Nature

When creating feather art, Grove transforms feathers – nature’s art – into a fine art form.

Using the same meticulous detail she channels into drawing nests, she captures each follicle, quill, shaft, vein, barb, and barbule of the feather.

“Katie celebrates our connection with nature through her breathtaking art, or what we call her never-ending love letter to nature,” says Renee Hewitt co-founder, and editor-in-chief of intoBirds. “Each piece of her artwork has a unique story just behind it that connects us to nature and each other. We’re excited to profile Katie and her awe-inspiring ‘Language of the Nest’ series and watercolor fine arts feathers.”

Learn about Grove’s process for painting bird’s nest, honoring birds by painting their feathers, her view on our connection to nature, and more.

Read intoBirds’ profile about Katie Grove, ‘Sketching a Lover Letter to Nature’ here.

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