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Money Saved, Trees Embraced: How Tenere is Accelerating Global Reforestation Efforts

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The digital renaissance brought forth a new era of innovation for modern consumers. From mobile apps to browser extensions, everyday households and consumers now hold the power to make informed decisions, compare pricing, and enjoy the fruits of convenience with the typical purchasing decisions they make every day. However, one technology company is on a… Read more »

Holistic water well drilling company in Nicaragua helping developing communities to get access to clean water

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HydroLOGICA is a water well drilling company known for its commitment to communities and helping them to develop. They provide alternatives and change people’s life by giving them access to clean water. Most of the time, the power of a safe hydrological resource tends to be overlooked. But this company understands it’s fundamental for any community… Read more »

All On and Solstroem sign investment deal to finance technology platform for carbon credits

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All On, a Shell-funded impact investment company focusing on strengthening the off-grid energy markets in Nigeria, is pleased to announce an investment in the Danish Technology Company Solstroem. In doing so, All On matches a previous investment made by Persistent Energy Capital LLC into the company in November 2021. “We are really thrilled about this… Read more »