2022 Best Indie Book Award Winners Announced

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Best Indie Book Award has named the best independent books of 2022

Asheville, NC (PRUnderground) December 12th, 2022

Ninety-four authors, four illustrators, and three book cover designers from around the globe are among the winners of the 2022 Best Indie Book Award (Otherwise known as the BIBAs). Each winner is presented with a physical BIBA trophy and their books are displayed on the BIBA website and social media.

2022 marked the 10th year of the BIBA contest, which consists of a literary award, an illustration award, and a cover design award.

  • 94 Literary Award Winners
  • 4 Illustration Winners
  • 3 Cover Design Winners

Over the years, several celebrities have also become recipients of a BIBA, including screenwriter, producer, director, and author, J. Michael Straczynski. Actor, director, and writer, Alan Scarfe. And actor, and playwright, Mike Kimmel to name a few.

“The indie author scene has exploded in recent years, and the quality of indie writing continues to improve as a whole. We definitely have our work cut out for us.”

Indie (Independent) authors are those who are engaged in self-publishing. Wikipedia defines self-publishing as “The publication of media by its author without the involvement of an established publisher. The term usually refers to physical written media, such as books and magazines, or digital media, such as e-books and websites. Unlike the traditional publishing model, in which control of the publication is shared with a publisher, the author controls the entire process, including design, price, distribution, marketing, and public relations.”

The latest statistics show self-publishing sales well surpassing the $1.25 billion a year mark.

“Our entrants understand the value of standing out in the crowd. With more than 300 million self-published books being sold every year, it’s easy for an author to drown in a sea of electronic pulp. Winning an award for a book can go a long way when it comes to visibility and credibility as an author. Best Indie Book Award helps authors reach a broader audience, and readers can be confident in their purchase when they choose an award-winning book.”

The 2022 winners are:


The Lion’s Paw

Stephen England

Children (Age 2-5)

The Not-So-Spooky Black Cat

Oliver Rogue

Children (Age 5-12)

Money Plan

Monica Eaton

Children (Age 2-8)

Happy Love Sprinkles

Maria DiCostanzo & Kim Messina

Children (All Ages)

Ms. Ruby and the Gigi Squad

Vickie Rodgers

Children’s Middle Grade

Class of Nine

David O’Shea


Ripped Away

Shirley Reva Vernick

Christian Bible Study

You Can Handle The Truth

Chad M. Mansbridge

Christian Devotional

Spirit Calling

Michael Wuehler

Christian Non-Fiction

God’s Gift (Woman)

Freddie Floyd Jr.

Christian Living

Lessons From Solomon

Glen A. Blanscet

Christian Novella

Straight To Eternity

Alisa Hope Wagner

Christian Fiction

Come Forth As Gold

Erica Dansereau

Christian: Children

Gifts From Heaven

Susanne Funk

Christian Fantasy

The Scent of Heaven

Shawn Michael Gotch

Dragon Fantasy

Scales of Ice & Shadow

Emily Schneider

Urban Fantasy

Death’s Debt

Dennis K. Crosby


Over the Broad Earth

J.L. Feuerstack

Historical Fiction

She Who Rides Horses

Sarah V. Barnes


Sun City

Matthew Minson

LGBTQ  Tween Fiction

The Art of Running Away

Sabrina Kleckner

LGBTQ Fiction

Somewhere On This Rainbow

Simha Haddad

LGBTQ Memoir

Calico Lane

Judy Kiehart

Literary Fiction

Possum Boy Battles The Mulefoot Menace

Swifty Slowpoker

Coming Of Age


Rick Rosenberg

Contemporary Fiction

Never A Mere Mortal

Devon Dial

General Fiction

In The Land of the Feathered Serpent

Richard C. Brusca

Native American Fiction

Rez Dog Blues & The Haiku

William George Lindsay

Detective Mystery

The Lost Dragon Murder

Michael Allan Mallory


Gracie & Zeus Live the Dream

Elizabeth Roderick

Cozy Mystery

An Embarrassment of Itches

M.K. Dean


The Arab And His Rabbi

Yacoub Gibran


Gaia’s Game

Ken Stark


Dungeon Jest: The Ruby of Power

Andrew Snook

Western Historical Romance

Guarded Hearts

T.K.  Conklin

Romantic Suspense

Cross My Heart

C.E. Lane


Eagle Ascending

Dan Whitfield

Short Story Collection

The Gods Must Clearly Smile

Aaron Christopher Drown

Poetry Collection

Do I Look African Enough?

Kimberly  “KMA” Anderson


Our Blue Orange

A.R. Merrydew


A Cage For Angels

Dani Hall

Young Adult

The Field Agent

R.S. Twells


Night Goblins

J.T. Gregory

Law Enforcement Memoir

Black, White, And Gray All Over

Frederick Douglass Reynolds

Caregiving Memoir

Four Funerals, No Marriage

Mike Keren

Non-Fiction: Covid Memoir

Captured by COVID

Michael E. Bowers

Non-Fiction: Inspirational Memoir

The Accidental Virgin

Amanda Quisenberry


Womb of Diamonds

Ezra Choueke


Freeing Energy

Bill Nussey

Non-Fiction: Nursing

The Male Nurse Survival Guide

Chris Lengle

Non-Fiction: The Historical Jesus

Salt & Light

Jonathan Geoffrey Dean

Non-Fiction: Fatherhood

Please Open in the Event of My Death

Mark Hsu

Non-Fiction: Psychology

Trauma in the Pews

Janyne McConnaughey PhD

Non-Fiction: Education

The Future Of Smart

Ulcca Joshi Hansen, PhD

Non-Fiction: Diversity in the Workplace

Beyond Diversity

Rohit Bhargava & Jennifer Brown

Non-Fiction: Social-Cultural Connections

Dear White Woman, Please Come Home

Kimberlee Yolanda Williams

Non-Fiction: Motherhood

Mom Life Versus The Everday Apocalypse

Megan Whitmer

Non-Fiction: American History 9/11 Biography

American Phoenix

Lincoln M. Starnes

Non-Fiction: Black History Economics

On the Right Road to the Promised Land

Tony Rogers

Non-Fiction: Children’s ADHD

Andrew’s Awesome Adventures With His ADHD Brain

Kristin M. Wilcox, PhD

Non-Fiction: Medical Science

Premeltons in DNA

Henry M. Sobell

Non-Fiction: Self Help

The Art of Inner Peace

Bohdi Sanders, PhD

Non-Fiction: Personal Transformation

Empathic Mastery

Jennifer Elizabeth Moore

Non-Fiction: Women’s Well-Being

Busting Free

Amanda Savage Brown, PhD

Non-Fiction: Senior Care

The SPIRIT Method of Massage for Seniors

Linda Mac Dougall

Non-Fiction: Relationship Communication

Emotional Magnetism

Sandy Gerber

Non-Fiction: Nutrition

Nature’s Nutrition

Rory M. Celmin

Non-Fiction: Health

Nicotine Free!

Carol Williard

Non-Fiction: Inspirational

One Hug At A Time

David Hale Sylvester

Non-Fiction: Inspirational Gift Book

Inhabiting Bliss

Kathleen Kinkopf

Non-Fiction: Motivational

Me Power

LaNysha T. Adams, PhD

Non-Fiction: Religion

The Mother Tree

Kathryn Knight Sonntag

Non-Fiction: Spirituality

Where Are You?

Dan Ehrenkrantz

Non-Fiction: New Age/Women’s Self-Help

Throwing Thunder

Kendra Ward

Non-Fiction: Metaphysical

A Knock In The Attic

John Russell

Non-Fiction: Visionary


Vicky Roubekas

Non-Fiction: Business


Faisal Hoque

Non-Fiction: Women In Business

She Rules

Sara Roach Lewis

Non-Fiction: Business Management


Josh Bersin

Non-Fiction: Career

Work From The Inside Out

Tammy Gooler Loeb

Non-Fiction: Entrepreneurship


Melissa Kaufman & Mike Raab

Non-Fiction: Marketing

The Non-Obvious Guide To Marketing & Branding

Rohit Bhargava

Non-Fiction: Investing

How To Dress A Naked Portfolio

Beverly J. Bowers

Non-Fiction: Champagne Guide

Press For Champagne

Christopher S. Ruhland

Non-Fiction: Cooking

Every Dish Has A Story

Jill Hecker

Non-Fiction: Art How-To

How To Draw Adorable

Carlianne Tipsey

Non-Fiction: How-To

The Van Conversion Bible

Charlie Low & Dale Comley

Non-Fiction: Travel

Traveling Freedom’s Road

John J. Hanrahan

Travel Memoir

Braving The World

Pam Saylor

Non-Fiction: Inspirational Running Odyssey

Marathon Man

Alan Corcoran

Non-Fiction: Cycling Odyssey

The Buddha and the Bee

Cory Mortensen

Book Cover: Fiction

The Final Heir

(Author) Jon Monson

(Illustrator) Kimberly Monson

Book Cover: Poetry

A Burning Lake Of Paper Suns

(Author)  Ellen Webre

(Illustrator) Amanda Le

Children’s Book Cover

Who’s New At Lou’s Zoo

(Author) JoAnn M. Dickinson

(Illustrator) Lauren Sparks

Illustrations/Graphic Novel

Lunchbox Cop: Cleaning Up The Streets

(Authors) Bill Poole & Katie Gallardo

(Illustrators)  Gracie Welling, Jacob Kroeger, Dan Koss


Inhabiting Bliss

(Author & Illustrator) Kathleen Kinkopf

Children’s Illustrations: Classic

Simon’s Search For The Scary Dragon

(Author) Stephen G. Bowling

(Illustrator) Vitali Dudarenka

Children’s Illustration

The Power of Kindness Through The Eyes of Children

(Author) Ruth Maille

(Illustrator) Pardeep Mehra

A complete list of winners is available on the Best Indie Book Award website: BestIndieBookAward.com

2023 Best Indie Book Awards

Submissions are now open for the 2023 Best Indie Book Contest, the 2023 Best Illustration Contest, and the 2023 Best Book Cover Design Contest. Entries are accepted online at BestIndieBookAward.com/submit/

About Best Indie Book Award

The annual Best Indie Book Award® (or BIBA®) is an international literary award contest recognizing independent authors. BIBA® is a legitimate writing competition. Entrants compete against other book entries. Entries are limited to independently (indie) published books, including those from small presses, e-book publishers, and self-published authors. Submissions are accepted from around the globe, but the books must be written in English.

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