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AgriProtein Named in Global Top 100

Industry: Agriculture

AgriProtein today entered the prestigious 2017 Global Cleantech 100 list in recognition of its work in tackling the protein crisis and helping repair the environment

North America (PRUnderground) January 24th, 2017

The first commercial-scale insect meal producer in the world, AgriProtein builds and operates its own fly-farms and licenses its technology in North America and around the world.
A leader in the fast-growing waste-to-nutrient recycling industry, AgriProtein produces insect meal for animal feed by rearing black soldier fly larvae on organic waste that would otherwise go to landfill.  The larvae are harvested to make high-protein feed products and ingredients as an alternative to fishmeal.

Said Jon Duschinsky, North American Director at AgriProtein: “Bringing sustainable and nutrient rich protein feeds to the aquaculture and agriculture market is just the forward-facing part of our business.  On the supply side we are able to divert tens of thousands of tonnes of organic waste away from landfill as part of our insect-based nutrient up-cycling process.”

The world’s biggest fly-farmer, AgriProtein won an AUD 450,000 award in December for its industrially-scalable solution to the depletion of fish stocks in the Indian Ocean in the Australian government-backed Blue Economy Challenge 2016.
In November it raised USD 17.5 million for further expansion, valuing it at USD 117 million and making it the most valuable fly-farming business in the world.

Now in its eighth year and run by CTG, (Cleantech Group) Global Cleantech 100 represents the most innovative and promising ideas impacting the future of a wide-range of industries.  Featuring companies that are best positioned to solve tomorrow’s clean technology challenges, it is a comprehensive list of private companies with the highest potential to make significant market impact within a five to 10 year timeframe.

Said Richard Youngman, CEO of CTG: “We see more signals this year of the ongoing mainstreaming of clean technologies, sustainability, and resource efficiency on its journey towards the point where this is just the normal way business is done.”

To qualify for the Global Cleantech 100, companies must be independent, for-profit, cleantech companies that are not listed on any major stock exchange.  This year, a record number of nominations were received: 9,900 distinct companies from 77 countries.  These companies were weighted and scored to create a short list of 325 companies.  Short-listed nominees were reviewed by CTG’s Expert Panel, resulting in a finalized list of 100 companies from 17 countries.



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About Global Cleantech 100

  • The 86-member expert panel was drawn equally from leading financial investors and representatives of multi-national corporations and industrials active in technology and innovation scouting across Asia, Europe, and North America.
  • The complete list of 100 companies was revealed on January 23rd at the 15th annual Cleantech Forum San Francisco:
  • For complete information on AgriProtein’s leadership within the cleantech space, access i3 by visiting—CTG’s leading market intelligence platform—and search for AgriProtein.
  • The list is accompanied by a full report with commentary and insight on the 2017 Global Cleantech 100—authored by CTG, powered by data from i3, and sponsored by Chubb. Download the report at:
  • The complete list of Global Cleantech 100 Expert Panel members is available at

About AgriProtein

Mission: The world’s biggest fly-farmer and leading waste-to-nutrient up-cycler, AgriProtein’s mission is to find a better way to feed the world. Its product replaces fishmeal in aquaculture and agriculture feeds with protein derived from fly larvae. The trawling of fish for fishmeal is one of the most destructive activities on the planet, so reducing its use in animal diets delivers enormous environmental benefit. It also means the world’s dwindling population of wild fish can be harvested responsibly and sustainably for human consumption.  The larvae are fed on existing organic waste which would otherwise go to landfill, thus helping tackle the planet’s growing waste crisis and reducing greenhouse gases.

Insect meal: Used in the aquaculture, farming, animal feed and pet food industries, insect meal is a safe, natural, cost-effective alternative to fishmeal and a higher protein alternative to soybean meal for all non-ruminants: fish, pigs, poultry and pets. It will never run out as long as humans produce waste.  Unlike houseflies, the black soldier flies (Hermetia illucens) that AgriProtein uses avoid human habitations and are not considered a pest.

Products: Bred on an industrial scale, fly larvae are processed to produce MagMeal™ (55% protein, immune-boosting natural organic animal feed rich in micronutrients) and MagOil™ (versatile, natural, omega and lauric acid-rich oil for use in feeds). The by-product MagSoil is a high-quality compost for use in farming and horticulture.  Using an armada of 8.5 billion flies, a standard fly-farm will take in 250 tonnes of organic waste per day and produce 6,000 tonnes of MagMeal™ and 3,000 tonnes of MagOil™ per year.

History: AgriProtein was founded in 2008 by brothers Jason and David Drew. The product was developed, trialled and proven ‘in the lab’ between 2008 and 2010, but AgriProtein had to demonstrate it could manufacture at volume. The break-through came in 2011, with output at its demonstration plant achieving 100Kg per day. With price per tonne a key determinant in the fight against fishmeal, the next challenge was to further increase scale while reducing costs to make the product commercially competitive. This was achieved in 2015 in AgriProtein’s first 9,000 sqm fly-farm in Cape Town.

AgriProtein North America was founded in 2014 by Jon Duschinsky and Robert Walberg to bring AgriProtein’s radical technology to the market which uses the most protein and produces the most waste – North America. The company is currently building a series of factories in both the US and Canada.

Awards: Two research grants from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Guardian People Environment Achievement (PEA) Award winner; Department of Trade and Industry Technology Innovation Grant; World Wildlife Fund Climate Solver; Winner, UN-sponsored Innovation Award for Africa; KPMG & Alliance for Green Revolution Award; Winner, Blue Economy Challenge; Shortlisted contestant for F3 (Fish Free Feed Challenge) Awards; Winner, Global Cleantech 100 2017.

Research partners: University of Toronto, Canada, University of Stellenbosch, SA;  London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine;

About Cleantech Group: Founded in 2002, the mission of Cleantech Group (CTG) is to accelerate sustainable innovation. Our subscriptions, events and programs are all designed to help corporates, investors, and all players in the innovation ecosystem discover and connect with the key companies, trends, and people in the market. Our coverage is global, spans the entire clean technology theme and is relevant to the future of all industries. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, with a growing international presence in London. Our parent company, Enovation Partners, one of Consulting Magazine‘s 7 to Watch, is based in Chicago (learn more at AgriProtein Named in Global Cleantech Top 100

About AgriProtein North America

AgriProtein is the global leader in the emerging nutrient recycling industry, winners of the WWF Climate Solvers Challenge and UN IFP Innovation Award for Africa. AgriProtein is supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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