Alan Lowe’s New Book Shows Success Requires the Acceptance To Change

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The author believes success can be found by analyzing your current state and keeping an open mind

Dallas, TX (PRUnderground) October 14th, 2021

At some point in our lives, we introspect about our past decisions and current state, and we ask ourselves: How did I get here? Breakthrough Leadership with Alan Lowe (now available on Amazon) urges its readers to ask themselves that question now. What are the choices you have made that led you here? Are you happy with where you are? Perhaps, it’s time for a change — for something better.

Alan Lowe is a successful business executive who has consulted with numerous multimillion-dollar companies throughout the United States. He is a native Texan and resides in Spring, Texas. He is a graduate of the University of Houston with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a graduate of Landmark Worldwide, where he founded the non-profit Helping Hugs For Children. He has held a Series 6 Securities license from the S.E.C. and an Insurance License from the State of Texas. Accepting people for who they are, Alan takes personal fulfillment by helping other people achieve what they thought was not possible. About this, he says, “My transformation process has given me many opportunities to become the person I want to be: a person who ‘pays it forward’ and makes other people’s lives better.”

Where we are at this moment is a result of our choices. Sometimes, there are situations that are beyond our control. But how we react to them is fully in our control. Given that, we strive to improve ourselves based on our current situation.

Understanding your struggle in pursuing success and the choices you made have a cost and will have an effect on you. For Alan, this led to a path of continued self-improvement. For us, it will look different, but the effect should be positive.

“At some point, you will realize that those choices and the continued struggle for what is missing have a cost. The sooner you value the time spent, the sooner you will make a real commitment. For me, it took quite some time, and the true cost was not understood until many years later,” says Alan.

Breakthrough Leadership with Alan Lowe will spark within its readers the desire to analyze their current state, decide on a change, and tread on their path to success with renewed vigor. Where do you stand right now? Are you willing to make a change for the better?

Andre Stenzel, an engineer and successful business owner, comments on Alan’s integrity: “I have known Alan for over twenty years as both a business colleague and friend. He is one of my favorite customers because I can always trust him to be professional and organized, but most importantly, he has great integrity. As everyone knows, the energy industry has seen many changes over the years, yet our partnership has persevered. I like to think this is a direct result of mutual hard work, respect, loyalty, and friendship.”

As a man of service, Alan has strived to improve the condition of those around him and touched many lives. Spryte Loriano beautifully explains this: “Alan is all about service. He is a man who steps up for others. He is faithful, loyal, and proactive when it comes to making a difference for others. My experience of Alan is that when he commits to something or someone, he is ‘all in’ and will not stop till he has crossed the finish line. I have witnessed him, for nearly ten years, be the hero to those struggling in post-war Liberia with fundraising drives and personal donations (and always with prayers). He is a loyal friend, and I am grateful to have him part of my community and service projects and in my life.”

Breakthrough Leadership with Alan Lowe is now for sale on Amazon.

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