Alastair Luft’s New Thriller Looks at Extremism, Radicalism, and Returning Terrorist Fighters

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When his troubled daughter radicalizes and is recruited into a terrorist group in the Middle East, ex-soldier Erik Petersson embarks on a personal mission to rescue her.

Ottawa, Canada (PRUnderground) August 29th, 2019

“A timely edge-of-your-seat terrorism thriller that plays on every parent’s worst fears. This cinematic thriller is destined for TV.” – Best Thrillers

Alastair Luft’s new thriller, Jihadi Bride, begins with ex-soldier Erik Petersson receiving a call from his daughter, Arielle, who tells him she’s on her way to Syria to join a terrorist organization called the Islamic Caliphate. This news is especially nightmarish for Erik, a man who works with a government agency that prevents radicalized individuals from traveling overseas to join extremist groups. Erik mobilizes an all-or-nothing effort to track down Arielle and bring her home, in a quest that eventually forces him to take matters into his own hands.

Equal parts terrorism thriller and emotional drama, Jihadi Bride explores radicalism, terrorism, and the meaning of family through the dual lens of father and daughter. By alternating the point of view between Erik and Arielle, the story provides an eye-opening perspective on the process of radicalization, while at the same time documenting the threat – and the barbarity – of terrorist groups such as ISIS. With many foreign fighters and ISIS recruits currently seeking a way to return to their home countries, Jihadi Bride is a timely story that offers a fresh look at an issue that is front and center to national security.

Alastair Luft is a military officer, and is the author of one other novel, The Battle Within, a dramatic thriller that looks at a soldier struggling to come to terms with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Alastair is also a public speaker and has spoken at various TEDx events. His speeches have examined how violence begets violence, as well as the importance of art. Alastair is represented by Langton’s International Agency and can be contacted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and through his website.

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