AM Solar Unveils New Solar Panel Technology for RVs and Vans

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For RV, skoolie and sprinter van owners looking to power their next road trip, AM Solar offers new dual mode solar panel kits in two off-grid configurations.

Springfield, OR (PRUnderground) July 7th, 2020

For RV, skoolie and sprinter van owners looking to power their next road-trip adventure with cutting edge solar panel technology, AM Solar has the solution. Working with the country’s top manufacturer of off-grid solar panels, Zamp Solar of Bend, Ore., AM Solar now offers dual mode solar panel kits that can be purchased in two different configurations – parallel mode or series mode – for off-grid applications.

“One of the main reasons we work with Zamp Solar is because they are willing to take chances and innovate with solar technology for the RV market,” said Garret Towne, owner of AM Solar, a leader in solar power solutions for RVs and additional off-grid applications. “We asked them if they could modify their popular 170W panel with cut cells and some sort of switch in the junction box to select a series or a parallel connection between the two panel halves. They came up with something even better – a dual junction box, 190W panel,” he explained.

The solar panel kits are offered in two different modes:

Parallel Mode:  By connecting the two halves of the panel in parallel, you get a panel that operates like two separate 95W panels with a maximum power point voltage (Vmpp) of 20.4V. The parallel connection improves partial shade handling, which makes this mode ideal for parallel connections with other 36-cell panels and perfect for mounting adjacent to an air conditioner that might shade half the panel when the sun is low.

Series Mode By connection the two halves in series, you get a 190W panel with a Vmpp of 40.8V. This configuration is ideal for 24V systems, which are becoming increasingly popular, or for just limiting the amount of line loss leading to a maximum power point tracker (MPPT) charge controller. The series mode delivers the voltage of two panels, but only requires one set of mounts.

The ZS190DJ panel, which retails for $525, is made of low iron, anti-reflective solar glass. The panel’s coating reduces the directional reflectance and increases the internalreflection so that the solar energy can be absorbed more effectively.

This new solar panel technology offers several benefits, including increased efficiency, greater energy conversion and easier cleaning.

For more information about the new ZS190DJ solar panel and other RV solar power solutions, visit

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AM Solar provides energy management and independent power solutions for RVs and other off-grid applications like boats and tiny homes. The company offers RV solar panels and other equipment, including lithium batteries, inverter/chargers and battery monitoring in complete do-it-yourself solar kits. Since the company’s more than 20 years ago, AM Solar has led the industry in camping and RV solar panel systems implementation, products and customer service.

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