An Upbeat Spirit Makes Success Simple, says Joan Kenyon-Woods in Her New Book

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The author believes success is knowing that you did your best and you have peace of mind about what you have accomplished

Dallas, TX (PRUnderground) October 16th, 2020

In Limitless Success with Joan Kenyon-Woods, available on Amazon, Kenyon-Woods breaks down the simple life strategies to develop a strong and clear mindset. Combining over two decades of experience working as a teacher and as a social worker, Kenyon-Woods specializes in all aspects of social and emotional importance. She is not only a successful businesswoman but also a motivational speaker and member of the acclaimed National Speakers Association.

Sharing a glimpse into her way of thinking, she says: “I learned about discipline, persistence, and perseverance. My mind expanded and never contracted again. I developed an avid interest in personal development, consuming as many books as I could on the subject; I realized that the world is wide, and I wanted to know how wide.”

Intertwining her life story, from childhood into adulthood, Kenyon-Woods talks about the hardships of life, and how they can open doors to possibilities. From immigrating to getting a job, Kenyon-Woods knows the importance of having a mentor who pushes us to do a little better. She believes that the best way to overcome fear is to face it head-on.

“Human beings have an infinite capacity for greatness, so what is it that causes us to fear reaching out for that greatness within us? Is it simply that we fear rejection, the knock- backs, or the ridicule of others? But how does one overcome fear? I think it is by taking action to do the thing that one fears and being positive about the possibilities,” said Kenyon-Woods.

The author reminds the reader to appreciate the little and the big things in life and to take the time to help others accomplish great things.

“Ms. Woods is professional and very hard working. She is solution-oriented and a natural leader. But, more importantly, she sincerely cares about the people she works with and the students we serve. Students regularly ask to work with her. She is well-known in our program as being kind, generous of spirit, and genuinely positive. Her personality and attitude permeate and can be seen carrying over into her students and colleagues.”—Testimonial by James Petty, Director of Young Adult Borough Center for Students.

“Joan Woods has been a colleague and friend of mine for over five years. In my experience of working with Joan, I know her to be a natural leader, who is respectful and supportive. Joan is committed to the community and participates in many school and neighborhood events. On many occasions, Joan has encouraged me to collaborate with her on school projects, an area of work that is not necessarily my strong suit. However, with Joan’s coaching and confidence, I can work well at things that I struggled with initially. Joan believes in you even when you do not believe in yourself.” —Testimonial by Rockeia Graham, High School Teacher of Excellence.

Limitless Success with Joan Kenyon-Woods is now available on Amazon.

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