Ann Riedy’s New Book Shares Three Steps To Help You Understand That ‘You Are Enough’

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The author believes success is unlocking your self-worth

Dallas, TX (PRUnderground) December 27th, 2021

No matter how hard we work, how much we earn, and how much we succeed, the world will tell you that we are not enough; this will poison your mind. Impact Leadership with Ann Riedy (now available on Amazon) will touch the hearts of its readers with the reality that they matter, they are worth it, and they are enough. By the end of her story, the author’s words will surely inscribe that message into your heart.

Ann Riedy is a retired registered nurse. She set aside her career and dedicated her energies to entrepreneurship, which allowed her to become a business owner in her early thirties. Riedy started creating her own stories and expressing the world through her eyes when she was very young. She began to write blog posts and shared her stories on her social media sites. Her unique and engaging writing style taps into the minds and hearts of all who read her work. Riedy believes that the most important aspect of success is consistent personal growth and development. She says that in order to get the ball rolling, one needs to think about themselves positively first: “Whether you believe in the good or bad, you are always going to be right. You can fool the brain to believe whatever you tell it, and it will manifest whatever it is. So, why not use positive words instead of negative?”

Riedy goes on to share three steps that will lead you to unlock your self-worth. These are:

  1. Be aware and examine your self-talk
  2. Make a list of positive statements about yourself
  3. Engage in a meditative and intentional activity.

Riedy shares her wisdom and personal experience with these three steps and how they helped her get out of the “I’m not enough” zone. The process will always be ongoing, but you need to push hard.

“The journey has been ongoing for me, but it is an exciting adventure. I’m beginning to realize that the “hard” and “dark” times in life are when I can learn the most and begin to fly in the right direction, and trust in the process of life, growth, and love,” says Riedy.

Impact Leadership with Ann Riedy is a must-read for those who are still questioning their self-worth. Riedy’s wisdom and experience will reveal to you that you truly are enough.

Sonya Swan, a mom, ranch wife, and entrepreneur, comments on how Riedy is a true people person: “To know Ann is a true honor. She has been a fantastic mentor and anchor, helping me on my health journey since 2008. Ann is a blessing to be around. She cares deeply about people and is always willing to give a helping hand on their personal health journeys. Ann is very determined to keep going no matter what. She’s always moving forward, continuing with her education, teaching others, and sharing her knowledge. She keeps everyone encouraged and moving forward. Part of Ann’s gift is seeing the best in people and bringing that out, truly helping them see they are worth it. She spends her time helping others become the best they can be and honor themselves. I am grateful and thankful that God brought Ann into our lives.”

Dianne Larsen, a retired teacher, speaks of Riedy’s helpful and unselfish nature: “I first met Ann at a wellness seminar where she was the presenter. I was eager to learn about this Isotonic Nutrition. Her knowledge of nutrition and her passion for helping others to achieve ultimate health was very impressive. After my success with the vitamins, Ann came to my house, held several seminars, and shared her knowledge with many of my friends. Ann’s individual consultation helped each person to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Ann is a very successful business owner and has the same passion for helping others to learn and achieve their success as business owners. She has always been patient and generous with her time, never hesitating to go out of her way to make the right things happen. Through the years, Ann has unselfishly guided me with nutrition and business management tips. I would recommend Ann to anyone looking for a business partner, nutritionist, or friend.”

Impact Leadership with Ann Riedy is now for sale on Amazon.

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