Announcing the Release of New eBook, Prehistory Explained by Shane Leach – This eBook explains mysterious ancient structures on Earth, the Moon, and Mars

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This eBook uses scientific evidence and ancient writings to explain all the ancient mysteries such as the pyramids, Stonehenge, and the lost continent of Atlantis.

Essex, CT (PRUnderground) May 3rd, 2023

Theory: The dinosaurs existed thousands of years ago not millions

The evidence implies that the Nefilim additionally genetically-engineered the dinosaurs at a certain stage between 37,000 BC — 10,700 BC. The discovery of un-decayed and biochemically “alive” soft tissue inside dinosaur bones demonstrates that the dinosaurs were generated less than 30,000 yrs. back.

In May of the past year, a team of paleontologists led by Dr. Mary Schweitzer of North Carolina State University completed their lab testing and DNA sequencing of undamaged, un-fossilized soft tissue recovered in different dinosaur bone marrow samples. Dr. Schweitzer caused a lot of turmoil in 2005 when she noted that the discovery of the very first of those soft tissues within a supposedly 68-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus Rex femur, because it’s universally recognized that un-fossilized delicate tissue can’t endure for at least a maximum of 100,000 yrs.

Evidently, you do not need to possess an advanced diploma in mathematics to understand the difficulty this creates for scientists that consider that the dinosaurs existed 65 million yrs back — put simply, dead meat rots off, in a lot less time compared to tens of millions of yrs. Intent upon explaining away these inconvenient truths, many evolutionists resorted to the promise that these cells were not anything more than “biofilms”: biological muck that had seeped to the dinosaur bones ever since their period of deposition.

On the other hand, the recent conclusion of multiple, independent lab evaluations upon the Tyrannosaur and Hadrosaur cells in question has ignored this flimsy objection — affirming not only that the delicate tissue in question is first saurian bone marrow, but also confirming the existence of collagen protein inside a number of those cells. Currently, hydration protein starts to break down in months of the passing of an organism, and even when hermetically sealed will completely break down because of easy thermodynamic effects within no more than 30,000 yrs.

However not only has undamaged, un-decayed collagen protein been found within the cells under research, but a number of the mobile samples lately recovered from supposedly 120-million-year-old Iguanodon bone marrow were still chemically “live” sufficient to create a resistant response!

The breakdown of proteins at a dead organism is a known, quantifiable fact. So since we now know, as a proven reality, that it’s chemically impossible for those dinosaur bones to be over 30,000 years old — well, the only logical conclusion is that they aren’t over 30,000 years old! What’s more, if the iron laws of chemistry inform us that these dinosaurs should have existed on the ground over the past 30,000 years (instead of millions of years back, according to scientists), then that leaves only one logical explanation for their existence: current production by extraterrestrials.

About Prehistory Explained

Prehistory Explained is one of the most recent ebooks written by Shane Leach. The book uses historical writings and scientific data to explain all the mysteries of ancient times. After Shane Leach spent several years traveling the country, reading more than a hundred books, and spending countless hours researching online, he finally wrote Prehistory Explained.

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