Announcing the Release of New eBook, Prehistory Explained by Shane Leach – This eBook proves the Ancient Alien theory

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This eBook uses scientific evidence and ancient writings to prove ancient space travel and advanced technologies left on Earth, the Moon, and Mars by ancient visitors

Essex, CT (PRUnderground) May 4th, 2023

Theory: Antarctica is the lost continent of Atlantis

According to Richard Hoagland and Rand Flem-Ath, based on their extensive research, they have concluded that Antarctica is the lost continent of Atlantis and it was destroyed in 10,900 BC which is also about the time Plato says Atlantis was destroyed. There is significant evidence to substantiate this theory. In his book Earth’s Shifting Crust (containing a Forward by Albert Einstein), Professor Charles H. Hapgood decided that at some point in antiquity, Antarctica was located approximately 2,000 miles farther north than it is now which ‘put it outside the Antarctic Circle in a temperate or cold temperate climate’ [which means that it could have been inhabited at one time].

According to Hapgood and Einstein, the continent relocated to its present position inside the Antarctic Circle as a result of a mechanism known as ‘earth-crust displacement’. This mechanism, is one whereby the lithosphere, the whole outer crust of the Earth, ‘may be moved at times, shifting over the soft inner body, much as the skin of an orange, if it were loose, might move over the inner part of the orange all in one piece’.

My book is the first and only book to propose the theory that when the 2-mile wide Clovis comet smashed into the Laurentide ice sheet over Canada in 10,900 BC, the Clovis comet impact shifted the crust of the Earth, shifting Atlantis/Antarctica 2,000 miles south positioning this continent within the Antarctic Circle, thus flooding and freezing Atlantis. I am the first author to suggest that the Clovis comet destroyed Atlantis in 10,900 BC. During the initial flight of an Antarctic research plane called SOAR (Support Office for Aero-physical Research), aimed at conducting magnetic resonance imaging over the area of Lake Vostok, the magnetometer recorded an increase of 1,000 nanoteslas beyond the 60,000 nanoteslas which characterized the Vostok Station.

Scientists had expected to find magnetic anomalies in the range of 500 to 600 nanoteslas in areas where volcanic material could be located, but the ranges encountered were simply startling. “This anomaly is so large that it cannot be the product of a daily change in the magnetic field,” stated Michael Studinger, one of the researchers involved in the mapping endeavor. Also significant was the sheer size of the anomaly: 65 by 46 square miles.

According to Richard Hoagland, this enormous magnetic anomaly located on the northern shores of Lake Vostok is the remains of an ancient city the size of LA! One scientific article states that: ‘Strikingly circular features in the Landsat images from ice stream E in West Antarctica might also be interpreted as volcanic constructs.” This ‘strikingly circular feature’ was near the shore along the Ross Sea. We know that Plato’s city of Atlantis was huge and circular in design and that it was cut from a small hill that stood on a plain near the ocean’s coast. The authors of the article wrote: ‘This depression is underlain by a peak in the sub-glacial topography that is associated with a unique magnetic signature’.  In two of his texts, Plato mentions “Atlantis” as a peaceful ancient island-kingdom.

About Prehistory Explained

Prehistory Explained is one of the most recent ebooks written by Shane Leach. The book uses historical writings and scientific data to explain all the mysteries of ancient times. After Shane Leach spent several years traveling the country, reading more than a hundred books, and spending countless hours researching online, he finally wrote Prehistory Explained.

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