Apple® EarPods® go Tangle-Free Thanks to Magnet Connect’s Launch of the Go Clip

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Tangle-free earbuds have been the goal of one Silicon Valley inventor, and Magnet Connect has achieved this goal and launches a game-changing product, the GO CLIP.  With an innovative click-and-go feature, the Go Clip makes Apple EarPods a tangle-free affair.

San Jose, CA (PRUnderground) September 5th, 2017

Who hasn’t done it? Who hasn’t tried to neatly wrap Apple EarPod cables and then abruptly enters the tangle zone?  It’s inconvenient, it’s time-consuming, and it’s unnecessary.  Thanks to a new product  launched by Magnet Connect, the new Go Clip has come to the rescue.  Now, with a simplistic tact, the little product solves this problem with functionality that makes one think, “Why didn’t I think of that?

With the company mission statement in tow, “to simplify one’s life and leave the mess behind,” the Go Clip personifies just that.  Simply stated, it keeps earbud cables tangle-free.  

So how does it work? Simply insert the 3.5mm or Lightning port connector and earbuds into the Go Clip.  Once attached, place the earbuds near the audio port clip and listen for the audible “click”.  The “click” is the signal that the hidden magnet within the Go Clip has engaged with the earbuds, securing them in place.

The Go Clip is compatible with 3.5mm and lightning port connectors for Apple EarPods. Once assembled, the Go Clip stays attached to the earbuds, so you never have to look for it again when you need it.  When the earbuds are ready to be used, users simply pull the earbuds straight out from the audio port clip and use as normal.

James Jen, the president of Magnet Connect, commented about the launch, stating “Honestly, I think the simplest ideas are the most valuable.  We’ve taken something that’s become so necessary in our daily lives – the need to stay connected – and we’ve simplified it.  We believe that is what the digital age is all about. To that end, we minimize frustration at the smallest level, by engineering this new simple clip to minimize EarPods wire tangles, we help our customers increase time well-spent on other things that matter.”

The new Go Clip design is on trend with customers by offering the product in a variety of fashionable colors including white, pink, blue, orange, and yellow.  The magnetic earbud organizer is compatible with Apple iPhone 5s, the fifth generation of iPod Touch, iPod Nano seventh generation, and newer models.

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About Magnet Connect

Magnet Connect is based in San Jose, California and provides the marketplace with lifestyle products that simplify the consumer\’s user experience. Their latest product launch is the Go Clip……Leave the mess behind…….

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