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IceMOS Technology Expands Semiconductor Manufacturing Capacity to Service the Increased Global Demand

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Amidst an environment of increased demand and decreased capacity in the industry, IceMOS Technology Corporation today announced it has made a capital investment in its Belfast, Ireland fabrication facility to ramp production of 200mm SOI and SiSi direct bonded wafers. The move adds to its sustained production capacity for 100mm, 125mm and 150mm bonded wafers… Read more »

MAONO Celebrates Launch of Its Dynamic XLR/USB Microphone HD300

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To meet the growing demand of streaming and podcasting enthusiasts for affordable but still reliable gear, global digital audio product leader MAONO recently announced exciting news. Answering demand MAONO has debuted the HD300 Dynamic XLR/USB Microphone. The microphone features both XLR analog and USB connectivity, making it a versatile and affordable audio solution for both… Read more »

STC Electronic: Detailed analysis of hard disk SATA interface

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(Press release by STC Electronic) SATA is one of the mainstream hard disk interfaces. At present, SATA2.0 and SATA3.0 are relatively common on the market. Although the current popularity of SATA’s interface is obviously not comparable to that before, it still occupies the mainstream interface solution. 1> The meaning of SATA The full name of SATA… Read more »