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VolumeCases Supplies Bulk Acer Chromebook Cases For Student 1:1 Chromebook Deployment

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VolumeCases is excited to join a partnership with Montgomery Schools for a purchase of 5,000 customized protective Folder cases for their deployment of Acer Chromebooks for incoming students. Every case will be uniquely customized with an embossing of Montgomery’s logo and their school color. These customizable cases feature carrying handles, shoulder straps, and durable luggage-grade material.  Air ventilating channels to keep devices… Read more »

How to Choose HDMI Cable HDMI? (Source: STC Electronic Co., Limited)

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How to Choose HDMI Cable HDMI? These days, HDMI is often the only way to make an HD-capable connection. Although a few TVs still have a component input, it has virtually disappeared on Blu-ray players. Equipment manufacturers have been required to limit the resolution of component video outputs on HD players and boxes to standard-definition (480i). And… Read more »

How to Find a China Manufacturer and Supplier?(Source: STC Electronic Co., Limited)

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If you’re looking for a Chinese manufacturer or supplier about the data and power connection cable, here are a few places to start your search for establishing your manufacturing process. Chinese suppliers are business partners, and partners can be your greatest asset or your worst nightmare. Will you take on just anyone as your business partner? The same… Read more »