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The Zen Connect Neutralizer Makes 5G and EMF Waves Safer

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Increasing amounts of EMF (electromagnetic fields) are set to be a new standard. These frequencies are believed to be dangerous to all biological forms, including humans and the environment. The Zen Connect Neutralizer, however, is providing a scientifically proven way to combat EMF from sources such as 5G and everyday electronics. Studies have shown that… Read more »

How To Choose The Right USB C Cable? (Source: STC Electronic Co., Limited)

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In theory, all USB-C cables should be the same: that’s the whole point of having a standard. In practice, there are different versions of the standard. More worryingly, many cables being sold as USB-C don’t fully conform to that standard – and that can be seriously bad news … USB-C is brilliant. You can fast charge your smartphone, tablet,… Read more »