Agape Treatment Center Now Offers Mental Health and Addiction Treatment During the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Individuals struggling to access mental health treatment and drug rehab during Covid-19 have been given a lifeline at a Florida-based addiction rehabilitation facility, Agape Treatment Center.  The novel Corona Virus has undoubtedly brought on a lot of challenges. According to reports from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 40% of adults reported during late June… Read more »

Akademos Expands eCommerce Platform to Help Institutions Showcase Their Brand

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Akademos is pleased to announce they have entered into a new partnership with American Solutions for Business (ASB), the leading provider of promotional products and creative services for the education market. This collaboration combines ASB’s creative marketing solutions and collegiate licensing expertise with Akademos’ premier virtual bookstore and course materials platform. This move will provide… Read more »

Traffic Management Platform Launches in U.S. to Improve Road Agency Coordination

| This entry has a rating of 5, a leading software company specializing in traffic disruption and mapping technologies, announced today that it is launching in the U.S. The revolutionary traffic management platform is already in use by over 95 percent of road agencies in the United Kingdom, as well as most major utility companies, road contractors, and event organizers. The… Read more »

Ali Ata Commercial Building Burns in Chicago, in Process of Being Remodeled

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The fire that damaged the commercial building, located at 1600 W. 59th St. in Chicago, occurred in late May. The tenants of the building include four restaurants and four retail stores. Since the fire, cleanup of the site of the fire has been completed, and repairs will start shortly. According to Ata, the completion of… Read more »

Good2BeBack Enables School Districts to Begin and/or Maintain In-Person Instruction

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G2BB, LLC announced today that their School-based COVID-19 health screening application (Good2BeBack) has been successfully launched for public and private schools in the United States and Canada.  Nearly all public-school districts and private schools have begun or want to begin in-person instruction and perhaps, more importantly, once in-person instruction has begun, they want to maintain… Read more »

Anouk Govil Launches New Microsite Blog on Social Distance Kayaking


Govil recently launched a new microsite on everything related to kayaking, which is available at The site now includes a blog on social distance kayaking, which is available at Govil said she chose to add this blog to the microsite because people who love kayaking might feel confused about how to go about… Read more »

Award-Winning Entrepreneur Claus Lauter Launches Ecommerce Business Success Coaching & Mentoring Program

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Entrepreneur & Growth Advisor Claus Lauter is launching his Ecommerce Business Success Coaching & Mentoring Program for businesses and brands operating on Shopify. Lauter says the 90-day program is for business owners who want to take the guesswork out of optimizing their online retail business for growth. “Fundamentally, I guide people and brands so they… Read more » are delighted to Introduce the fantastic new track

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Ever heard of ‘Rhythm and Trap’? Today’s popular tag-team, the JY MNTL boys are back with more feel-good music in new track and video ‘Baggy Jeans’. This one will certainly bring the vibe as the two bring smooth vocals to a beat that is laid to perfection and if the sun’s out, even better. Reminiscent… Read more »

Author Karim Richardson Releases Novel On The African-American Experience

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Author Karim Richardson is releasing, “Caught in The Fray,” his novel on the African-American experience, to be available on Amazon and all other major online booksellers. “This is the story of an African-American family trying to live the American dream,” he says, “But the father struggles with job loss and alcoholism, his wife gets involved… Read more »

Adebayo Adeleke speaks with Chief Gary Batton on leadership and identity.

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In the fifteenth episode of the Unfettered Podcast, Adebayo Adeleke speaks with Chief Gary Batton, leader of the Choctaw Nation in southeast Oklahoma in the Unites States. In this episode, Chief Gary shares how he manages the nuances of leading a nation within another nation while preserving the identity of his people. According to Chief… Read more »

Megalopolis Toys Introduces 6 Iconic Brands to 2021 Line of Action Figures

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These exciting brands, which are already drawing large amounts of attention, include Rate Ltd.’s Perfect Dark, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Banjo-Kazooie, and Battletoads, as well as Interplay Entertainment’s Clay Fighter and Earthworth Jim. These six new characters are the product of talented designers who have drawn their inspiration from the classic games of Rare Ltd…. Read more »

FlipHTML5 Unveils an Updated Platform for Virtual Magazine Creation

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As lots of reading happens online, especially during social distancing, printing magazines have lost their edges due to the limited reach and influence. Publishers who long to find a way out among crisis would turn to digital publishing for making a virtual magazine that surpasses the printing or PDF magazine in many ways. FlipHTML5 has… Read more »

Lovitt Blinds & Drapery Announces Professional Blinds, Drapery, & Window Shade Cleaning Services Guaranteed to Kill All Viruses

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It’s not a surprise that the coronavirus pandemic has made many homeowners much more aware of the need to keep aspects of their homes as clean as possible that may have been easier to overlook in the past. Fortunately, having these areas tackled professionally in the extended Chicago-area doesn’t have to expensive or inconvenient. For… Read more »

Real Barrier Cicarelief Serum Rocks a Near-Perfect Score with Instagrammers Needing Relief from Acne-prone Skin

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Real Barrier, K-Beauty’s leading skincare brand dedicated to developing and marketing innovative, affordable spa and clinic-level skincare at home, with a special focus on dry and sensitive skin types, recently tested their Real Barrier Cicarelief Serum with Instagram influencers through 0.8L, a global reviewing platform that connects influencers with brands. The campaign has resulted in… Read more »