Scantar Publishes New Research on the Best Home Dryers

| This entry has a rating of 5 is a website that gives in-depth reviews of home electronics and appliances to make new home purchases effortless for customers. E-commerce websites are clustered with products, making it difficult to pick the right one from the clutter of models available. aims to filter out the noise in this sector and provide substantial customer… Read more »

Mako VPN Cloud Partner Program Makes Securely Connecting Retailers to their Application Partners Easier, Faster, and More Cost-Efficient

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The Mako VPN Cloud Partner Program enables distributed retailer networks to connect securely, reliably, and easily to partner networks. Partners can deploy physical or virtual Mako VPN concentrators to make services in their environments directly available to tens of thousands of retail locations. Retailers who already have a Mako appliance in service can connect to… Read more »

Nelfair rates the top-notch luggage bags for every traveller

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Nelfair, a website dedicated to offering holistic buying guides and product reviews of luggage and other travel gear, has released a new feature reviewing some of the best luggage bags for your next trip. It enlists the six most ergonomic and trendy travel bags, deftly designed for the modern-day traveler, namely, Travelpro Maxlite 5, Coolife… Read more »

CES 2020 – Noonean Announces SULU the Self Learning Platform for Language Understanding.

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Today Noonean Cybernetics is announcing the launch of SULU, a new technology for natural language understanding. SULU, which stands for Supervised/ Unsupervised Language Understanding – is a hybrid of Ontology architecture and a self trainable neural network. Search Engines like Noonean’s EnterpriseNLP product does its best to use advanced grammar morphological comparisons to match user… Read more »

Prosper Show Selects Keynote Speaker for March Amazon Seller Event in Las Vegas

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While there are numerous conferences for people new to the Amazon selling game, Prosper Show is a premier event for established Amazon sellers looking to improve their strategies. While the show always features speeches and workshops from some of the most innovative minds in the industry, the Prosper team is particularly excited to introduce this… Read more »

Ketlor Brings out a List of the Top Knives and Kitchen Accessories

| This entry has a rating of 5 recently released a list of the best knives and related accessories available, including electric knives and knife sharpeners. The website, dedicated to providing reliable product reviews and related information, has compiled this list using several key factors such as customer ratings, best-selling statistics, quality, and price. These are some of the products that have… Read more »

Tim Bayer, President of Hansen Plastics Corporation, Presents at the MAPP (Manufacturers Association for Plastics Processors) Benchmarking & Best Practices Conference

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The Hansen Plastics Corporation spends a lot of time in the spotlight, either giving tours of their state-of-the-art injection molding facility or talking about their unique and productive employee-owned company. Most recently, HPC’s President, Tim Bayer, was interviewed by the Manufacturers Association for Plastics Processors. In the interview, Bayer answered not only questions about his… Read more »

Award for Best Renewables and Futuristic Infrastructure Investment Company Goes to AAA INTERGALACTIC!

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On December 16th, EU Business News awarded AAAINTERGALACTIC HOCHSCHILDCAPITAL the Award for BEST RENEWABLES AND FUTURISTIC INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT COMPANY 2019!  It is the first corporate group awarded in this distinguished category. Speaking on the success of this year’s winners, EU Business News commented: “In 2019 the German Business Awards returns once more, allowing EU Business News… Read more »

Beauty and Skin Care Influencers Report Relief from Dry Sensitive Skin with Zeroid Soothing Cream

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A recent consumer evaluation of Zeroid Soothing Cream through 0.8, a global marketing platform that matches influencers with skin care products, K-Beauty’s leading skincare brand dedicated to developing and marketing innovative, affordable clinic-level skincare at home was received with nearly perfect scores from influencers who were matched with the product. Out of a group of… Read more »

Vilkor Lists the Best Yoga Pants Under $30 for Women

| This entry has a rating of 5 is a site that brings out reviews and comparisons of the most trendy and contemporary clothing apparel and accessories to help customers with their selection. The site reviews apparel like rain jackets, shirts, wallets and other men’s, women’s and kid’s accessories. Today, with millions vouching for its benefits, yoga is one of the most… Read more »

Fanvase Publishes New Research on the Best Indoor Thermometers

| This entry has a rating of 5 is an e-commerce website that deals with the most energy-consuming installation in a household- HVAC products. A standard system accounts for approximately 40% of total building consumption and 70% of base building consumption. The standard energy consumption breakdown of an office building, being 39% HVAC, 25% lighting, 22% equipment, 4% lifts, 1% domestic hot… Read more »

Centenal Tax Group Continues Momentum with Four Additional Acquisitions

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Centenal Tax Group today announced the acquisition of four additional bookkeeping and tax preparation firms located throughout California. The company acquired the practices to expand services to customers and help them with their personal and business financial needs. The firms acquired by Centenal include: Douglass, Mischley & Associates of Elk Grove Anderson, Lynn & Associates… Read more »

New ARC Research Reveals Growing Demand for Industrial Asset Reliability Software

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New ARC Advisory Group research on the industrial Asset Reliability Software & Services market reveals that an increasing number of manufacturers are implementing industrial asset reliability solutions to gain competitive advantage. Increasingly, these industrial asset reliability solutions utilize Industrial IoT-connected smart sensors, analytics, and asset reliability software and services that support more effective predictive maintenance… Read more »

Vozag comes up with a definitive guide to the top air compressors available

| This entry has a rating of 5 released its new research on the best air compressors available in the market. The website offers holistic buying guides and thorough reviews of tools and other products in the hardware sector. Their latest report features products from reputed names like BOSTITCH, Ontel, DeWalt, PORTER-CABLE, and Campbell Hausfeld. The top air compressors were finalized based… Read more »

XEN Product Reviews and Testimonies Are Already in for 2020 – by Neuvana

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A New 2020 Testimony for XEN by Neuvana from Chief Physiotherapist “We have been using Neuvana’s first-generation product for 4 years and the second generation, Xen, is even better with all its advancements! We are so excited with the results we see when we use Xen! We see lower blood pressure and respiration rates, improved… Read more »

Joylore Releases Research on the Best Products for Grounds Management

| This entry has a rating of 5, a website focused on reviewing gardening tools and essentials, has just released its research on the best products in grounds management. They enlisted the top ten products in this category after careful consideration of key factors such as utility, price, quality, and consumer ratings. Products featured include sprinkler controller, multi-purpose sprayer, and spray bottles…. Read more »