Arledge Comics Seeking Music Submissions for Shuffle, a Playlist-Powered Superhero Comic

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The creative team is seeking songs to be featured as superpowers in the comic.

Washington State (PRUnderground) September 10th, 2020

Today Arledge Comics announced they are publishing Shuffle, a middle-grade superhero comic, drawn by George Kambadais and written by JD Boucher. 

The comic’s synopsis reads: “A cosmic force has bonded David to an old mp3 player, and now he has superpowers based on what songs play! Too bad the music player is stuck on shuffle, the skip button is broken, and he’s not the only person in town with new cosmic powers…”

The creative team is currently taking submissions for music to be featured in the comic. The comic will be scripted using songs selected and the songs will be illustrated as superpowers in the comic. The creative team will also be promoting the musical artists a number of ways leading up to the book launch. All the details on how artists can submit their music can be found at

“Shuffle is a dynamic coming-of-age story about the power of friendship and acceptance,” says Taylor Setniker, Editor at Arledge Comics. “We are more than excited to bring this wonderful work to fruition and to share it with the world that needs its message..”

“Arledge Comics is a fantastic publisher that has been putting out great comics for a while now,” says JD Boucher, Writer of Shuffle. “George and I couldn’t be happier to bring Shuffle to print with their help.”

Shuffle will be gathering funding on Kickstarter in 2021. For more information on the book and how to be notified when the campaign goes live, visit

About Arledge Comics

Officially founded in 2016, Arledge Comics started as an umbrella imprint to house Jordaan’s numerous titles – ALEX PRIEST, BLACK GOLD, THE MARTYRS, and more. Since its inception, Arledge Comics has become the home of a number of anthologies, – including TRIAL RUN and MY KINGDOM FOR A PANEL – and creator-owned comics (FUTURE GIRL, THE GREAT WITCH ARTEMIS). Our mission is to create queer friendly comics for the whole family to enjoy!

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