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Author, Cancer Survivor N.M. Charles Helps Black Parents Explain Cancer in New Children’s Book

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‘Mama’s Afro Is A Soldier Too: A Mom’s Cancer Diagnosis Explained’ can be pre-ordered now

New York, NY (PRUnderground) October 28th, 2020

Statistics from the CDC show that African American men have higher cancer incidences that other men, and African American women have the second highest incidence of cancer than other women.

N.M. Charles is one of these African American women.  Having survived breast cancer, and as a mother of two, she wanted to use her skills to create a children’s book that would help African American parents explain what happens when moms get cancer.

‘Mama’s Afro Is A Soldier Too: A Mom’s Cancer Diagnosis Explained’ gives kids a visual understanding of reassurance and hope through the Afro Soldier character. At the same time, it shows the inner drive, determination and strength of mom not giving up during this difficult journey.

N. M. Charles says she noticed a huge lack of diversity in children’s books but that there was virtually nothing in this niche. There is essentially no representation in literature for this space to support families of color, but Charles has created a book that explains mom’s cancer diagnosis to young children with beautiful illustrations and a precious message.

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, Charles is hoping to share this book with others. She has just announced a Kickstarter campaign that will help raise capital for the publication of ‘Mama’s Afro Is A Soldier’. Pledgers will receive thank you items such as copies of the book. Right now, people everywhere can pre-order hardcover and e-book versions of the new book. Pledges can also be made without a book reward if persons simply want to support the cause.

“The Black Lives Matter movement has been so prevalent this year,” says Charles. “I really hope to draw some attention to this statistic – that more African Americans are getting cancer as compared to their peers of other ethnicities – while also helping African American families have a literary resource to support them in times when a mom receives a cancer diagnosis.”

More information can be found at https://www.nmcharles.com.

About N.M. Charles

N.M. Charles is a cancer survivor and author of the children’s book ‘Mama’s Afro Is A Soldier Too: A Mom’s Cancer Diagnosis Explained’.

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