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Author Don Viecelli Releases Nanomachine War – Book 1, First Starship Encounter!

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First Alien Starship Encounter Unleashes Nanomachine Contagion That Threatens All Human Life!

Chicago, IL (PRUnderground) June 29th, 2017

Nanomachine War – Book 1 is a military science fiction story about the first alien starship encounter that releases a terrible threat to the human race in the form of contagious robotic nanomachines.

The alien starship emerges unexpectedly from hyperspace in our solar system and goes into orbit around Mars. The starship is damaged on the outside and the reasons for its appearance are a mystery. A United Nations Peace Keeping team from Mars led by UN Security Director Douglas Martin and Marine Colonel Hayward Jackson is sent to the starship to investigate. What the aliens keep secret threaten the very existence of the human race.

Nanomachine War – Book 1 is available in ebook format from Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook and Smashwords. Special promotions are available for a limited time only. Check your favorite online retailer for the latest offers for this new novel.

An Excerpt from the ebook:

Doug, Janice, James, Lieutenant Sanchez and Corporal Alexa Dimitar stood patiently in the hallway waiting for word from Colonel Jackson. They studied the walls, floor and ceiling of the hallway they were standing in. The material they were made of was not metal or plastic, but something in between. The walls and ceiling were smooth, sturdy and flexible when touched, light in color and the material in the ceiling provided illumination. The floor was firm and covered with a non-slip plastic looking material that seemed to blend right into the flooring. Doug thought the whole hallway could have been formed into shape all at one time. 

Ten minutes later, the receivers inside their headsets came alive with Colonel Jackson’s voice. He sounded tense. “Lieutenant Sanchez, bring your group up the elevator now! Push the top left button in the elevator to get here.”

The elevator door opened in front of the group. They got inside and Sanchez pushed the button. There was no sensation of upward movement in the elevator which surprised them. Within seconds, they reached their destination and the door opened.

Lieutenant Sanchez and Corporal Alexa Dimitar stepped out of the elevator first with their rifles pointed forward not knowing what to expect.

Doug, Janice and James followed behind. What they saw shocked them beyond words. There appeared to be dead aliens lying all around the room on the floor in front of them.

About The Author:

Don Viecelli lives in Arlington Heights, IL with his family. He attended Michigan State University and earned his MBA at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management in Illinois.  He recently retired as a product marketing professional in the high tech industry and is now pursuing a writing career. He has always enjoyed science fiction and plans to continue writing imaginative novels that explore the future boundaries of real science. He writes science fiction book reviews on popular authors and lists them on He can be found on Facebook, Linkedin Twitter and he has his own Website for science fiction readers. He is also a Member of the Writers of SciFi, a talented group of Indie Science Fiction writers and authors.

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