Author Rachael Tamayo Writes a New Romance Book, "Chase Me" published by Solstice Publishing

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Love is Powerful Enough to Heal, Kill, Comfort, and Destroy When You Expose the Twist of Love

Houston, Texas (PRUnderground) July 5th, 2016

Published Romance Author Rachael Tamayo released her first new book, “Chase Me” in the Friend-Zone series on July 1, 2016 and was published by Solstice Publishing. “Chase me” teaches others about romance arising from two different sides of the playing field.

Tamayo taps into a topic that most authors rarely explore.  Best friends becoming lovers, but first playing a tragic lying ordeal that turns into an unexpected love.  Most women and men can relate to Tamayo’s characters.

“Chase Me” is available in Paperback and Kindle versions at Amazon.

About “Chase Me”

Adrienne Lawrence loves her friends. It seems, however, that she doesn’t get along with her family as well. One hot Texas summer, Adrienne manages to fall headfirst over her own big mouth when she lies to her Mom about a long term boyfriend in efforts to squelch her Mom’s nasty comments about having a date for a family wedding. Clint Montgomery, one of her best friends, kindly steps in agreeing to play the part of the devoted boyfriend during a week-long venue wedding across the country.

After a week of pretend kisses and smoldering looks, the lines between what is fake and what is real seem to become fuzzy. The only problem is, Adrienne doesn’t want to become one of the women that Clint leaves in his wake, but fighting what she’s feeling is becoming almost impossible.

“Adrienne struggles with her family relationships.  A cold mother, distant father, & a broken relationship with her sister are similar family issues that I can relate to.  I believe that many others go through these experiences,” says Tamayo.

Who is Rachael Tamayo?

She is a police dispatcher/ 911 operator, and a romance writer.  She’s a wife and mother.  She lives in Houston, Texas area with her husband of twelve years and their three-year-old son.  They all live happily with their yellow Lab, Daisy, and their African Grey parrot, Sassy.  When she’s not writing or working, you can usually find her at home enjoying quality time with her husband and son, or maybe a large family get together with her fantastic extended family.

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