Award Winning Author Hugh Simpson Releases Second Novel, Caribbean Cabal, Hap Stoner Series Book #2

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Award Winning Texas based author, Hugh D. Simpson has released his second novel in the Hap Stoner Series, titled, Caribbean Cabal.

Richardson, TX (PRUnderground) December 20th, 2019

Award Winning Texas based author, Hugh D. Simpson has released his second novel in the Hap Stoner Series, titled, Caribbean Cabal.  This military-thriller focuses on Shadow—a privately funded, black ops, international intelligence agency led by US Marine Pilot Hap Stoner and his team of operatives.  Based on life events from Simpson’s 20 years of service in the Marine Corps, Caribbean Cabal is action-packed and exhilarating.  With so much knowledge and experience in the military-world, he brings the action of war to the pages of his newest book, Caribbean Cabal.

Simpson continues the Hap Stone Series with a new military / geo-political thriller, Caribbean Cabal.  Focusing on a US Marine Pilot Hap “Kang” Stoner and his team of seasoned pilots and business associates, the brotherhood is a bond not easily broken.  They take on the task of righting wrongs where governments fear to tread.  With confidence and self-assurance, Hap doesn’t back down to anyone, including the FBI.  A war of political turmoil will take him and his team on adventures inside and outside the United States border.

Caribbean Cabal focuses on a ruthless Central American President who’s after a secret, massive World War II Nazi gold cache on a remote Caribbean island.  Former Lieutenant Colonel Hap “Kang” Stoner and Will Kellogg work together to (win the race) to the gold cache, taking every imaginable risk to seize control of the king’s ransom before the Central American President.

Military drama and action fill the pages of Simpson’s new book, which is now available on Amazon, Apple Books, Nook by Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.  With first-hand knowledge and experience in the U.S. Marine Corps, Hugh D. Simpson brings a compelling and electrifying tale of danger, detecting, and daring chance.

While his military experience has had a huge impact on his writing, Simpson also brings his civilian experiences to light in Caribbean Cabal.  Hugh Simpson invites you to open a new chapter in his life—providing readers with the truths, mysteries, and action of military life.  Mabel, Simpson’s wife, is a success business attorney.  The couple has two adult children.  With the experiences of their careers, family dynamic, and military life, Simpson is able to give readers something new and exciting.

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Hugh Simpson is a Texas-based writer whose first book, Borderline Decision, launched his geo-political action thriller series featuring US Marine Pilot LtCol Hap “Kang” Stoner and his team of seasoned pilots who share the lifelong bond of combat veterans. Borderline Decision and Caribbean Cabal are available now through Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, Apple iBooks, Kobo, and more! “My recipe consists of mixing compelling and memorable characters with real life events, world and military history, and the current geopolitical situation—all sprinkled liberally with action and adventure! Once baked the result is a great story—so readers tell me—a story that always keeps in mind my goal of honoring “the boys” even as the thrills keep coming.”

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