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Award Winning Thriller Author, William R. Leibowitz, Predicted Corona Virus 2 Years Ago

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New York Times Best Selling Novelist, William R. Leibowitz, Predicted Corona Virus and its Terrorizing Origins in his Thriller, "The Austin Paradox"

USA (PRUnderground) March 5th, 2020

In his thriller, The Austin Paradox, which predates the corona virus by two years, William R. Leibowitz, award winning author of the Miracle Man series, writes about a new highly contagious disease named HRFS (Hemorrhagic Respiratory Failure Syndrome) created by scientists working for an End of Days terrorist.  Like the corona virus, HRFS was specifically designed to display initial symptoms that are no more severe than a common cold so that those infected can infect others before detection is possible. And just as with the corona virus, it doesn’t take long for HRFS to cross international borders and become a worldwide pandemic.  As infection spreads, the virus uses its endless supply of human hosts to morph, thereby confounding those trying to devise a cure.

And just as is happening with the corona virus, in The Austin Paradox worldwide financial markets plunge as it becomes apparent that governments are powerless to prevent financial collapse when a pandemic destroys the norms of everyday life.

While the virus in The Austin Paradox was much more lethal than the corona virus and its devastation of the human body was more extreme, the similarities are striking.

“In The Austin Paradox, the world had Dr. Robert James Austin to come to the rescue,” says Leibowitz.  “But in the real world, we’re on our own.”.

THE AUSTIN PARADOX  is a stand-alone novel in the award-winning, critically acclaimed, New York Times Best Selling Miracle Man series that chronicles the remarkable saga of Robert James Austin, the greatest genius in human history, whose medical cures save countless millions.

In this emotionally-charged medical/psychological/conspiracy thriller, the suspense doesn’t let up as Austin battles Big Pharma which views him as its worst enemy, a CIA Director who is hell-bent on exploiting Austin’s genius, terrorists who lose control of a biological weapon, and a bevy of corrupt politicians and oligarchs.

William R. Leibowitz has been lauded as a “mastermind storyteller with a unique literary voice” and has been favorably compared by readers and critics to Michael Crichton, Robin Cook, Stephen King, John Grisham and Ken Follett. The Austin Paradoxi s the sequel to the critically acclaimed, award winning novel, Miracle Man, which was named by Amazon as ONE OF THE TOP 100 NOVELS OF 2015, a TOP 10 BEST SELLING THRILLER and a TOP 10 NEW YORK TIMES/AMAZON BEST SELLER.

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