Back to glamor: fashionistas from Paris to Milan dress fancy with feathers and glitter [source: Fashion Art]

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This season proves that glamor is back to street fashion. It seemed that the pandemic would kill all the willingness to dress fancy, but in the end it only provoked the lust for fashion experiments.

Paris, France (PRUnderground) July 21st, 2022

From Paris to Milan the guests of the fashion week shows choose glitter coats and skirts, dress with boa and even put the feathers on their handbag. Let’s see what other ideas they took as an inspiration during quarantine.

Knitwear like my granny used to wear

No wonder that knitwear became a fashion trend after the quarantine when many of us had to practice sewing while watching series and spending hours at home. But the knitwear fashionistas dress at the fashion weeks all over the world – handmade or not – is a level-up to the sweaters our grannies used to wear.

Modern fashion gurus combine the knitwear they found in the back of their wardrobe with golden leather, put it on like a black color fisher’s net and even dress in total knitwear.

That means knitwear is not something to be ashamed of anymore rather than an ultra fashionable feature.


Denim is always a way to go

If you didn’t get rid of the denim trousers that you were wearing before the quarantine – don’t, they might be helpful now when the denim conquers the catwalk again.

Not only loose flared jeans with fringe, but also denim trench coats and skirts are among the street style trends that have been seen recently in the backstage of the fashion weeks.


Shine bright with the glitter
The sequins are usually associated with roaring 1920’s or with the children’s party outfit. But now they are allowed to the fashion week venues too. At least this is what fashionistas think when put on the shimmery T-shirts made of glitter or even skirts with jackets of different colors.

It seems that people missed parties a lot during lockdown so now they don’t feel embarrassed to pass for Elton John.



Wear feathers but don’t fly too high 
Maybe wearing feathers could seem more radical than glitter but fashionistas would answer the skeptics with the boa swing. Yes, feathers are now used for the handbags decoration, for the tops and even for the artificial fur coats (or should we call it feather coats?). Nothing seems too radical to dress in 2022 when glamor reigns over, the fashion week guests proclaim with their outfits.

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