Becoming One Cries Out to Anyone Who Has Ever Yearned For Harmony and Peace In Their Marriage

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"Becoming One as Husband and Wife" peels back layers from three couples struggling to repair their broken marriages with the help of an experienced psychologist.

Greenwood, Indiana (PRUnderground) April 11th, 2019

International speaker, Jeanne Moore, MDIV, said, “Every single person, as a member of the human race, has some form of brokenness. Becoming One cries out to be read by any person who has ever experienced struggles in their life, marriage, or any relationship. The revelatory storytelling, with its’ compelling, vivid characters seeming so real, so life-like, (as evidenced by their colorful language, and sometimes off-putting sense of humor), allows the reader to identify and connect the stories with their own life troubles. Yet, the book offers far more than just making connections with the reader, with its’ nuggets of biblical principles interwoven throughout the book, Becoming One, allows the reader to have the courage to take steps towards healing, wholeness, reconciliation, and freedom as it offers hope for those in need of real life change in their brokenness.”

Seasoned pastor, Bob Stull had this to say of this compelling read by Dr. Russ Rasmussen and Jeff Sievertson, “In my 61 years of pastoral ministry, I wish the principles presented in this book had been available to couples I have counseled. Well written, practical, solid guidance. Highly recommend that every couple practice the advice given. In the volatile world we live in today I would highly recommend, Becoming One.”

Sheila Vercruysse, Ph.D., had this to say about, Becoming One as Husband and Wife, “In this engaging novel, the authors demonstrate to couples today that they are not alone as they face daunting and seemingly overwhelming challenges to their marriages and family relationships. We follow the journeys of three couples behind the door of the office of “Dr. Ken” as he weaves Christian principles, biblical teaching and time-tested therapeutic tools in a uniquely personal way as he guides and supports them and the reader to navigate the path to “Becoming One” in Christian marriage today.”

Famous author, lecturer, and story consultant, Robert McKee said, “Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world.” Mr. McKee, of course, was not the progenitor of this principle but God Himself. Matthew 13:24 says, “All these things spake Jesus unto the multitude in parables; and without a parable spake he not unto them.”

After many years of serving his clients, Dr. Russ Rasmussen wanted to convey his Biblically-rooted advice in a way that would not only be enjoyed but also be implemented and practiced daily.  After tossing around a few ideas with author, Bible study teacher, and friend, Jeff Sievertson, Dr. Russ decided the best way to bring his professional advice to life was through this heartwarming tale.

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