Before Hurricane Season Strikes Strategic Response Partners Urges Business Owners to Protect Themselves from Making One of the Top 3 Most Common Mistakes

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While employees are planning their final summer vacations and getting their kids ready for school, Strategic Response Partners (SRP) asks business owners, “Are you planning to prevent a total shutdown of your business due to the next incoming hurricane?”

Orlando, FL (PRUnderground) August 19th, 2019

FEMA statistics state that approximately 40% of all businesses never recover from a natural disaster.  With that in mind, Strategic Response Partners (SRP) asks business owners to prepare themselves so that their businesses safely sidestep that statistic. Increasing safety and peace of mind, the company assures that there are certain steps a business should take to ensure they are adequately prepared.

Natural disasters are on the rise.  As evidenced over recent years, empirical data shows us that disaster can strike anywhere and in a multitude of forms. Not believing that a hurricane, fire, flood, tornado, explosion, active shooter, or any other type of loss can hit close to home, or assuming that one’s insurance policy covers everything because their insurance agent said so, are some of the most common mistakes that any business owner can make. Realizing these facts means that it’s in a business owner’s best interest to start planning now, well before they learn that the next impending disaster is imminently heading their way and insurance policy changes are not allowed.

While most companies purchase insurance and many might even have some form of a disaster plan, very few if any of those same businesses have ever tested them. Possibly equally as frightening, they have also not considered the full scope of potential loss against their present level of insurance coverage. The time to know how current insurance coverage will respond to a natural disaster is before any disaster happens, not after.  SRP urges business owners not to bet on false hope, but rather to engage in all of the affirmative steps to know the business is more than adequately prepared to withstand anything that Mother Nature can send its way.

Three of the most common mistakes business owners make before hurricane season are:

1.  Thinking a complete loss could never happen to them

2.  Not having a comprehensive and “battle-tested” disaster plan

3.  Having insufficient insurance coverage to fully restore a business to its pre-loss condition

Those in the know have turned to the SRP to ensure that should Mother Nature ever come calling, a well thought-out, tested, and customized disaster emergency plan has been developed and put in place on their behalf. Strategic Response Partners provides solutions hat have been proven time and time again to help business owners assess all risks, properly plan for any potential disasters, and effectively respond to any such disaster.  This helps clients make a quick recovery, ultimately giving them and their business the absolute best chance for survival.

Mistake Number Two

The next biggest mistake business owners make is not having a comprehensive, tested Disaster Response and Recovery Plan in place prior to a disaster ever occurring. SRP Disaster Management Services prepares their clients for a disaster by developing a comprehensive disaster plan specifically for their business which takes into account various factors, including a businesses’ reliant employees and suppliers. SRP also has a significant number of assets at its disposal throughout the United States to help align clients with the appropriate resources and vendors ready to respond before, during and after any disaster.  Each resource is ready to help SRP clients implement their Emergency Plan and set them on the straight-forward path to recovery. 

SRP’s tailored Disaster Plans typically include:

1. Designation of Internal Disaster Team – who will be responsible for what task

2. What employees will be affected by the same event and relocated due to housing

3. What mass notification systems are being relied upon when weather alerts are issued

4. Who, what and when will the facility pre-storm preparations begin

5. What the insurance company covers, excludes, and/or limits that can hurt you

6. How to properly prescreen and track billing from emergency response vendors 

7. What to do at each stage before the storm makes landfall to minimize the damage

8. What to do immediately following a disaster and what emergency services will be available 

9. Allocations and plans for temporary operations, power, drying, security etc.

10. Documentation of aerial pre-storm damage and scope of repairs needed for recovery

There are many more considerations integrated into SRP’s custom Disaster Plans that are specific to each business due to their property location. SRP Disaster Management Services will work closely with business owners to identify all risk and assist in creating a customized recovery plan.

Mistake Number Three

The third biggest mistake most business owners make, which unfortunately is generally not learned until after a disaster occurs, is that their applicable insurance policy does not provide the coverage that the business originally thought they had.  Adequate insurance is of vital importance for every business prior to any disaster which may occur.  Therefore, SRP will work with each client and their insurance agent to identify potential risks, anticipated expenses to respond to a disaster, potential costs to repair and replace damage, as well as any other financial obligations which may arise after a disaster.  This helps an insurance team determine whether a business is sufficiently insured.  Additionally, many policies also have exclusions or limitations that can be changed or raised for nominal amounts before storm warnings are issued.  However, most clients are initially unaware of the ability to increase these factors. Insuring against risk is smart, preventing loss from ever occurring is just good business. 

SRP’s Extensive Services

SRP uses NEXRAD certified meteorologists to analyze and track severe weather 24/7 using state of the art military-grade technology. This real-time satellite technology is traditionally designed for and used by the military to ensure pinpoint accuracy in ground combat scenarios, air campaigns, and NASA launches. The service delivers personal alerts identifying site specific risks with 95% accuracy. The system also identifies and notifies business owners of the smaller events not widely publicized on the news. 

SRP can connect clients with prescreened and credentialed Emergency Service Vendors so clients can pre-interview, qualify and select Vendors that they can rely on if and when a loss occurs.  SRP-approved vendors pre-stage emergency equipment, fuel, power generation, materials and manpower in and surrounding a potential Disaster Zone for Rapid Response. This helps ensure that your recovery begins immediately when an event occurs and operates as smooth as possible giving you the best chance of a success. 

In the event of a potential disaster, SRP deploys its convoy of Disaster Response Coordinators along with a team of First Responders including Firefighters and Paramedics trained in urban search and rescue, structural engineers, and environmental consultants to be “Boots on the ground before the storm makes landfall,” in an effort to help clients follow their plan in shoring up there buildings and properly activating the plan. SRP helps document pre-disaster conditions using custom severe-weather drones to provide 3D mapping surveys as part of their comprehensive property condition reports for a clear picture of before and after the storm performed by their drone division known as SkyForceX. Clients will have the ability to show their insurance company their preparation efforts, exact conditions before the event, and the resulting damages immediately following the event, thereby assisting all in negotiating a fair and accurate settlement.

Having lived, worked, and survived through multiple catastrophic storms since 1989, and having witnessed businesses disaster plans fail post storm for some of the aforementioned reasons gives SRP the unique experience, insight and expertise to help clients Prepare, Respond and Recover. 

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