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The company Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd having been working for more than 10 years in the markets of Asia, America, Europe, in the field of energy, including "green" solar energy is now ready to share its positive experience in the field of optimization of power plants.

Poland (PRUnderground) June 18th, 2020

The company Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd uses in its projects only well-tried solutions of the component parts and equipment produced by the leading producers. Thus the solar panels used by the company Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd are manufactured by the top-10 manufacturers, the inverters are produced only by the top 20 producers, the electrical transformers, including both oil transformers and dry type transformers are also produced by the top 10 – top 20 manufacturers.

Due to its own park of solar energy production in around of 35 Mw as well as other successful integration projects and construction of power plants in the interests of its clients with the capacity of 40MW, Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd has a great experience in optimization of cost both of the new solar power plants and already operating ones.

The changing requirements of the regulators of power grids concerning the construction of a new solar photo-electric power plants and the decreasing trend of the tariff for green electricity are pushing the companies to optimize their own power plants. One of the ways of optimization of power plant under construction is the application of tracking rotation system for solar modules instead of the standard static system fixed at an average angle to the sun. Tracking systems depending on the geographical latitude of the placement of the power plant allow to increase the electric power output by 15-17%, that gives an opportunity to faster return the assets invested into the construction. Since the lifespan of solar panels is 30 years, with the moderate degradation of efficiency of the panels after the first 10 years of operation, the use of tracking systems for such a long time will give a significant gain in additional electricity generation.

Good optimization tool in the opinion of Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd is the correct choice of electrical transformers for power plants. The transformers should have power margin to prevent their overloading and overheating. However, too large power margin increases the cost of transformers and thus the cost of power plant construction. It is important when choosing a transformer to take into account its reliability, the quality of the insulating windings and minimal leakage current. As necessary is the audit of compliance of the declared by the manufacturer of transformers parameters to the actual output of a specific item. There never occur any problems with the transformers produced by the leading top 10-top 20 manufacturers and one can safely use such equipment in the projects.

The inverters for solar power plants of the latest generation are quite reliable and have high efficiency. The equipment produced by the top 10 manufacturers can be safely used as far as they are very reliable. The monitoring systems are often integrated into modern inverters and allow to participate both in diagnostics of inverters and in optimization of their operation and adjustment of tripping threshold in case of insufficient energy production by the panels.

To the best of the knowledge of the company Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd it makes sense to additionally use for the existing power plants working with powerful central inverters the DC-DC SPOT optimizer for adjusting parameters under different degradation of various segments of the photomultiplier modules. That will also allow optimizing the tripping threshold in the low-light conditions and will increase the power generation.

For regions where it is obligatory to create the compensation capacities for the power output into the mains at night Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd actively uses the battery accumulator systems produced by the leading manufacturers. The use of such systems allows to reduce power fluctuations and provide electricity at night for the needs of the consumers.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd strives to use both its own experience and the experience of all market participants in the market of the solar electricity to meet the needs and interests of the clients and to build really efficient and optimal systems!

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