Book of Wrath Is Intriguing Readers Worldwide.

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Book of Wrath and its accompanying four part illustrated series will launch globally on September 13th, 2011.

Ann Arbor, Michigan (PRUnderground) August 16th, 2011

On September 13th 2011, Basement6 will debut two very different versions of the same book to a global audience. Book of Wrath will be available in both a full novel format and as a four part graphic novel series. The compelling story deliberates an interesting concept; what happens when an immortal questions his role between light and darkness?

Robin Coe’s Book Of Wrath is a refreshingly curious approach to the stale fiction currently flooding the literary community, especially when the subject matter is immortal Gods, vampires and other elements of the unknown. Defined by Coe’s style of interspersing fiction challenged by real-life ethics, Book Of Wrath is one of September’s most promising works.

Basement6 and Robin Coe have teamed up with artist Ursula Andrejczuk to create a bonus edition for Book Of Wrath. The bonus edition is a four part graphic novel series. The first part of the series debuts simultaneously as its counterpart novel. The beautiful landscape created by Andrejczuk compliments both the uncertainty of the novel’s main character, Famine, as well as Coe’s descriptive voice as an author.

Book Of Wrath is an appealing read for those considered societal pillars in the publishing world as well as the occasional reader. The duality of formats afford all interested in a fictional escape the chance to ponder the ultimate question of “what if” without any real consequences.

Book Of Wrath, both the novel and illustrated graphic novel series, will be available for electronic or print purchase exclusively via online retailers, such as The book will also be made available to retailers and libraries worldwide on September 13th 2011. A review copy is now available upon media request also accompanied by verifiable credentials. A teaser chapter of the book can be read by clicking here:

Robin Coe is a journalism graduate of Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Robin currently is an independent contributor for and was the founder of Flesh From Ashes magazine- a political and socially conscious publication.

Basement6 was founded in 2009.The American based publisher, which has been involved in art gallery work, is now incorporating publishing to its ventures. Basement6 primarily focuses on fantasy and graphic novels.


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