Brand new LED grow light for the home grower (MIGRO)

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The most advanced LED grow light for the home grower now available

Dublin, Ireland (PRUnderground) June 27th, 2017

The designers and engineers at MIGRO have released a brand new LED grow light to the market. The super high efficiency grow light is designed for the home grower and is packaged to suit every grow size from 60cm x 60cm grow cabinets to as large a grow area as you want.

The grow lights are full spectrum meaning they are suitable for use through the plants full cycle of growth from seed to harvest. All the necessary light spectrums are included for full healthy growth and high yield.

The grow light output is best in class. In horticultural lighting units called photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR), measured in micromoles (μmols). MIGRO LED grow lights are 50% more efficient than most standard LED grow lights and optimised HID (high presssure sodium lamps) arrangements. This means a much lower carbon footprint, much lower heat levels and higher yields per watt of electricity consumed. All the comparison information is available on our youtube channel and the comparison page on the website


MIGRO LED grow lights are advanced & modular LED grow lights for home growers.

Established in 2015, MIGRO designs and manufactures grow lights in Dublin Ireland for the global market.

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