CAAFD Presents its First Series of Newly Selected and Approved Fashion Designers for Fall/Winter 2019 Showcase During New York Fashion Week

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Emerging Designers from around the globe gets their first showcase on the fashion world stage during New York Fashion Week through CAAFD Emerging Designer program.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) February 8th, 2019

/BFDPR/ CAAFD (The Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers) presents its next world-class New York Fashion Week season with a lineup of fresh new faces as well as few returning designers from the past seasons. CAAFD screened and approved few new faces showcasing this season, welcoming new designers RC Caylan, Imogen Evans, Viktória Tisza, and TOM FOOLERY, as well as bringing back favorites and previous CAAFD approved designers such as Sania Maskatiya, Hakuyo Miya and Ruth Zabetta. Every season, CAAFD  hand picks and approves some of the finest talents in the fashion industry, globally. This season is no exception, setting its stage to be the best unveiled and curated emerging brands to watch out for. CAAFD partners with IMG and Pier 59 studios and presenting its approved designers. Today, February 8th, 2019 at 8 pm at Pier 59 Studios, three of these designers will present to the fashion industry insiders their new collections for the season. Showcases are scheduled for February 8th through the 12th, 2019.

Third time’s the charm, especially when the first two times were wearable works of art. Mouton Blanc returns to NYFW for the third time in a row as part of CAAFD’s incubate/nurturing program of young designers that are destined through their craft to become a household name. Japanese-born and trained in France, designer Hakuyo Miya blends together his various influences into an entirely unique creation with Mouton Blanc. Utilizing fantastical style elements with real-world influences, Miya crafts fiery designs that combine color, texture, and culture into beautiful and elegant pieces.  Previous Collection:  

Designer Ruth Zabetta was raised in both Spain and the Dominican Republic giving her a unique cultural background for her beautiful collection. Zabetta is known for modern lines and cuts showcased throughout the collections, and this year is no different, with Zabetta looking to reach even higher heights after her previous CAAFD showcase. Her modern but feminine collection does an exquisite job of creating beautiful silhouettes consistently through all the pieces. Zabetta’s collection is created for the modern but feminine woman and inspired by years of culture and design. Previous collection:

Shannon Ashford is the founder, designer, and creator of Tom Foolery, and designs primarily jumpsuits that are locally created and made without labor exploitations. Tom Foolery jumpsuits exhibit all the class and elegance of a dress for an evening out while offering enough mobility to outrun the cops at the end of the night. The goal of Tom Foolery is to not only create visually appealing garments but to maintain integrity in the production process. All products are currently being sewn by Shannon Ashford herself in a garage turned studio, with fabrics created from plastic bottles collected from Haiti.

RC Caylan is amongst some of the top designer’s hand selected and approved to showcase on the CAAFD platforms. Born in Iligan City and raised in Batangas City in the Philippines and later migrating to the United States in 2012 after graduating in fashion design at the GRCC School of Fashion And Interior Design, RC Caylan has been surrounded by fashion and clothing his entire life. Inspired by the careers of his grandmother and mother, he grew up with the ambition of becoming a wardrobe designer, a dream he would reach upon graduating. Given inspiration by the female physique and glamour, RC Caylan’s works put more emphasis on the concept of a woman, making every piece a one of a kind must see experience.

Imogen Evans was born in London, moved to Edinburgh as a child and studied Fashion Design in Milan. Imogen Evans’ recent collection “Reconstruct My Flesh” started off as university schoolwork but found its way to the runways of Vancouver Fashion Week. Her work creates a balance between art on the body and wearable, yet alternative clothing. Imogen has a desire to create something, new, thought-provoking and bizarre.

Viktoria Tisza is a Hungarian fashion designer who experiments with new technologies such as molded pieces of silicone rubber, a versatile material that supports her sci-fi ambiance concepts. Her designs have already been featured in British Vogue, Vogue China, Vogue Italia, Glamour UK and in almost all significant Hungarian fashion magazines. Viktoria Tisza has previously presented multiple times at Vancouver Fashion Week as well as New York Fashion Week and has designed on-stage bodysuits and dresses for Beyoncé and her dancers for her 2015 World Tour.

Sania Maskatiya’s designs are marked by their ornate and regal inspirations, which masterfully highlight feminine silhouettes. The designs are inspired by the beauty of nature and the environment while still being modern and classic. The collection will include only high luxe fabrics cut and draped in a luxurious design. The design house engages in some of the best craftsmanship in Pakistan, coming from generations of artisans who have specialized and perfected their craft. The brand is known for including rich textiles, fabric design and embroidery within their pieces. Sania Maskatiya has quickly become Pakistan’s most lauded designer and most prized fashion export and has thrilled New York City with a previous CAAFD showcase.

About CAAFD:

Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers, [CAAFD] is a non-profit organization founded through a collaborative effort by a few key pioneers in the fashion industry with the ambitious goal of promoting designers who aspire to expand their brand awareness and do business in the United States. CAAFD educates, promotes and empowers aspiring designers and fashion professionals in gaining a foothold in the fashion business, giving them every opportunity to become the renowned designer they yearn to be. More information can be found at

For further information and for press inquiries, please contact Von Vera, BFDPR, Communications Manager, Email: Phone: +1 212-300-3827


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