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Chatbot helps Authors collect Book Reviews, says Fiveabook

Industry: Book Promotion

Authors and publishers can now use Facebook Chatbots to distribute their Advance Reader Copies and get reviews for their books.

Nicosia, Cyprus (PRUnderground) January 16th, 2020

Authors have long relied on giving away Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) to collect book reviews.

To distribute ARCs, authors use email or hosted pages that usually ask for the reader’s email address.

However, both distribution channels have been beaten to death in the last ten years. Email inboxes are full, and users are tired of funnels that promise another free eBook.

That is where Marketing Bots can help authors and publishers gain an edge.

Facebook Messenger chatbots have CTRs ranging from 15% to 60%. In comparison, email CTRs average around 4%.

Fiveabook (Five a book), has released a marketing bot that can distribute ARCs to readers in the form of eBook downloads or Amazon Gift links.

For the first time, authors and publishers can leverage the power of chatbots to get more reviews for their books.

To use the tool, an author can either upload their book at, or buy their own book from Amazon as a gift. The later has the advantage of resulting in Verified Amazon reviews since the book is downloaded from Amazon.

The author receives a Facebook bot link that includes a coupon code. Anybody with the bot link can claim one free copy of the book. It is up to the author to post the link on their blog and social media or send advertising traffic to it.

The bot will deliver the right book format for the recipient’s e-reader device, and it will ensure the reader can redeem the gift from their country. The bot will also ensure each reader gets only one copy of the book, and it will send a reminder if the reader has not left a review after a month.

According to Amazon, «Book authors and publishers may continue to provide free or discounted copies of their books to readers…”

Fiveabook encourages readers to leave an honest review as a courtesy to the author; however, readers are not required to do so, as per Amazon’s terms.

Fiveabook’s ARC bot is currently available for Facebook Messenger. The company has plans to expand to other platforms, including Viber, Watsapp and Google Assistant.

About Fiveabook helps authors and book publishers market their books with digital marketing tools. The website is owned and operated by Skinny Bottle Ltd, a Cyprus based company.

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