Chris Jones’ Relentless AF is the Real-Deal Playbook for How to Play, Win, Lead, Lose and Rise Again in Business and Life

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Calgary, Canada (PRUnderground) November 1st, 2022

Not everyone in business is willing to be vulnerable about their mistakes, let alone share the wisdom gained through tackling the pivots and pitfalls that are part-and-play of running a company. Not everyone shares how to navigate a crisis and break through it, nor how to get out of the way of business’ growth to focus — as a leader, as an individual or as a family-focused entrepreneur. It’s not common knowledge on how to dream big, work hard and have a lot of fun along the way. Or, how to go from being the lynchpin in business to working three hours per month and selling a company with zero role in the transition. But this is exactly what sets seasoned entrepreneur and footballer Chris Jones’ high-energy, optimistic and inspiring debut book, Relentless AF: An Entrepreneur’s Success Story, apart.

Launching on October 31st as an essential playbook to navigating business, growth, crisis and life, Relentless AF tells Jones’ story of the hard knocks he took in building his business and the key mindset tools that got him to get back up when he thought he’d lost it all. In a refreshingly candid, vulnerable and human way, this book has been written with the intention to help readers gain a fundamental understanding of themself as an entrepreneur; to help inspire better leadership — in good times and bad; to navigate growth, collapse, scale and sale; and to bring Jones’ years of hard-won experience, expertise and winning mindset to the fore and to one’s fingertips to harness his knowledge and get to goals faster, with fewer bruises along the way, and to achieve relentless growth in any area of life.

When someone asks Jones what his purpose is, he is incredibly clear: to help family-focused entrepreneurs achieve game-changing transformation. If this is what readers are after, this book is for them. Similarly, if they’re a start-up entrepreneur feeling the growing pains of scaling, and wish to learn how to better build their business, to delegate, to be a high-impact leader, and to learn how to let go, this book is for them. It’s also for leaders who are frustrated that they aren’t getting what they want from their business or their team; an owner who has suffered severe setbacks due to the pandemic and is navigating crisis in a world navigating the same; or an aspiring student who wants to be inspired — and learn — from someone who has done it, won it, lost it and built it back. With his energizing, encouraging and vulnerable approach, Chris Jones is your coach and Relentless AF is a map to getting everywhere readers want to go.

In addition to sharing how to build and lead a team and to harness their energy, Relentless AF provides tips on how to develop a healthy work culture, how not to fall into the trap of micro-managing and how to get out of the way of your business’ growth. Candidly, Jones covers how, when the company he had built from the ground up lost 70 percent of its revenue overnight, he fought his way back one tough play at a time, learning what it takes to propel a business into monumental growth. Through first-hand examples like these, he teaches how to see the opportunities and gifts in the mistakes and failures — and how to rebuild from a devastating loss. In a nutshell, he’ll coach readers off the bench, out of the trenches, back in the game, and into the end zone — while also sharing how to achieve the dream: transitioning from being overworked to working only three hours a month and getting back to being the CEO of their own life and, like Jones, living their purpose.

Get a copy of Relentless AF on Amazon, check out Chris Jones as a speaker, or book him directly as an EOS coach and growth navigator to help take readers and their businesses to transformative heights — relentlessly and, obviously, with a lot of fun.

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About Chris Jones

Chris Jones is a high-energy, seasoned entrepreneur who thrives on navigating growth. Chris knows his way around business-building and crisis recovery, and not only has he successfully grown his own businesses, but, as a Certified EOS Implementer, he has helped others do the same. Known for his ability to find the gifts and strategic pivots in difficult times, Chris now focuses all his energy on working with entrepreneurial leadership teams to create game-changing transformation. He is relentlessly passionate about helping entrepreneurs build better businesses and, ultimately, a better life. Chris believes that achieving work-life balance is integral to being an entrepreneur, especially if family and community connection is a driver. When Chris isn’t crushing goals and heading toward the end zone in business, he can be found spending time with his family. They enjoy hiking, biking, and walking. Chris also likes to cycle, run masters track (for which he still holds a Canadian record, set in 2010), ski, golf, and hike, and he likes to catch a Stampeders or Flames game whenever he can.

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