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Christine Hoeflich Launches Spiritual Awakening Blog For Challenging Times

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In these dark, confusing times blogger Christine Hoeflich provides hope through deep inner connection as she relaunches her Spiritual Awakening blog.

Saratoga, CA (PRUnderground) August 31st, 2020

Author Christine Hoeflich is proud to announce the relaunch of her spiritual awakening blog at Currently, people all over the world are facing unprecedented challenges that can be alleviated through spiritual awakening. In addition, Christine’s blog will help people become more aware of what’s really going on during this time of “Great Awakening.”

The main purpose of the blog is to help people discover their own inner power by connecting to God / the Divine within, strengthening that relationship, and living from that place of power and peace. One benefit of this path is receiving clear, individual and timely guidance for one’s own life. This is particularly helpful in these confusing and uncertain times, when one doesn’t know who or what to believe. Another benefit of this path is discovering one’s unique role for this transition from darkness to light, for one’s own life as well as for the collective. This, in turn, is what will help bring about the Golden Age for humanity.

Christine has been on the path of spiritual awakening since the year 2000, ever since a crisis affecting every important area of her life shook her world. Over the next several years, she connected deeply to her “higher self,” kept track of the principles and practices that are critical for awakening, and has written two books about her discoveries. Since 2008 Christine has, through her articles and books, helped many people trust their intuition, their own inner guidance. She believes the time of following gurus is over; because the connection to God is within. She also believes this is the key to creating the Golden Age.

She hopes more people will begin walking on the path to their awakening by reconnecting directly to the Divine. Here’s what a couple readers say about Christine’s work.

“Ms. Hoeflich has taken on a subject which is often considered confusing or misleading at best and through the use of her own personal experiences has demystified it and made it much easier to understand. More importantly, she has provided us with the tools to help people along the road to their own unique spiritual awakening.”- Paul Hosse

“Christine Hoeflich is an innovative genius! Her writing is filled with the truth and should be read by everyone on planet earth! Thanks for taking a risk and putting it out there!”- Kerry M. Hegarty

To learn more about the world-wide awakening happening right now, go to Christine’s blog at

About Christine Hoeflich

Christine Hoeflich is the author of two books: 1. Reconnected: A Spiritual Awakening Memoir (Kindle title; the original hardcover title is, What Everyone Believed: A Memoir of Intuition and Awakening) and 2. The Spiritual Awakening Process: Coming Out of the Darkness and Into the Light. Formerly a materials engineer, she’s developed the steps for strengthening your connection with God, gaining trust in your intuition, and fulfilling your Divine destiny.

North Atlantic Books recognized Christine’s memoir as ”one of four Notable Spiritual Awakening Memoirs,” along with Eat Pray Love, The Happiness Project, and Star Sister. recognized Christine in their article, ”Nonfiction Tweets: 70+ Authors to Follow on Twitter.” (online college degrees) recognized Christine in their article, ”100 Amazingly Insightful People You Can Learn from on Twitter,” in the ”Words of Wisdom and Inspiration” category. Christine blogs about spiritual awakening and the Great Awakening at

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