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Daisy-Bella Celebrates One-Year Anniversary Of Providing Conscious Apparel That Empowers & Supports Women

Industry: Clothing

Stamford, CT (PRUnderground) April 14th, 2021

Daisy-Bella is announcing its one-year anniversary of providing conscious apparel that empowers and supports women. The brand features positive-spirited fashion items that inspire confidence in women of all shapes and sizes. It’s available at daisy-bella.com.

Creator Mary Ann Tooker says the company is driven by a distinct purpose: to help women. She aims to serve the many ladies who have found themselves searching for seamless shopping experiences when looking for comfortable, high-quality garments. And she directs a portion of her sales revenue to women’s shelters, in addition to devoting her time volunteering in programs to support women.

Tooker’s professional background is in the retailer-manufacturer space, having worked for specialty and big box retailers. She says when she started – and still today – it’s a male-dominated industry, so she understands how it feels to not be seen, appreciated, or celebrated.

“I myself am a Daisy-Bella girl. I’ve had professional and personal struggles, and I’ve learned during the course of my career that I have tough skin,” she says, “So, with that understanding of my own and many other women’s challenges, I am here to encourage.”
“I continually work to let women know they are not alone,” Tooker says, “It doesn’t matter who you are. We all have crosses to bear in life.”

Daisy-Bella operates based on three core values. “We make garments to inspire those wearing them and those reading our messages,” Tooker says, “We pay it forward by directing 10% of our profits to charity. And we empower women no matter shape, size, or age, with apparel collections that encourage them to feel confident in their skin.”

Tooker says she conceptualized the name, “Daisy Bella” to reflect why she created the company in the first place. “The daisy is a beautiful flower, but it can often be overlooked even though it’s just as beautiful as a rose, hydrangea, or any other exotic flower,” she says, “Daisy Bella serves to empower the daisies of the world with beautiful, comfy clothing.”

Daisy Bella is committed to designing ethically and sustainably. No Daisy-Bella products are manufactured in sweatshops. Rather, all are made in safe environments by workers who are paid competitively. Additionally, all Daisy-Bella tees are printed in Connecticut using eco-friendly printing processes and top-quality, water-based ink.

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