David Odle’s Urban Fantasy Novel, Markus, Brews the Right Combination of Horror and Magic

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An Urban Fantasy tale about a battle against world domination. Horror and magic combine in this heart-pounding thriller of love, terror, and redemption.

Warren County, IN (PRUnderground) July 26th, 2019

Fire from his hands can destroy armies. His battles are legendary.

Markus is one of a rare breed called the warlock, one of the last of his kind, and he is dying.

He scoffs when approached by an old friend begging for his help. He lives in peace and accepts a past he regrets. A life at its end. His youth and his fighting days have slipped away. But when he learns armies have been decimated and an ancient evil grows more powerful, duty compels him to join forces with the last surviving wizards to battle the Legions to save what is left of the world. Victory stems not only from war, but his race against time itself.

In death’s grasp, Markus unites with Alexis Jade, a powerful young witch vital to his dwindling army. Together, they must defeat the wolves, the Legions, and an enemy older than recorded time in a final stand destined to change the course of history.

David Odle discovered his love for writing at the age of thirteen while growing up in Warren County, Indiana. After seven years in the military and over twelve years as an IT consultant living in Austin, Texas, he now resides right back in Indiana with his wife and five children where he is currently finalizing his next novel.

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