Dee Cope’s Sci-Fi Action Adventure, The Integration Attempt, Makes Contact With The World Below

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Teenage siblings, frozen to death 2700 years ago, surface from under the Earth with the mission to save their society by initiating integration with the Surface People.

Mesa, AZ (PRUnderground) May 10th, 2019

When a beautiful young woman mysteriously appears, and disappears, in Davy Carrington’s camp, he has no way of knowing she was born 2700 years earlier!

The teenager introduces herself saying, “My name is Sarah, and my brother is Caleb.” She doesn’t tell him they are siblings of royalty, born in the Kingdom of Dan, and, twenty-seven centuries earlier, they were captured by the barbaric Assyrians. Torn from their home they become heroes, saving many of their countrymen before freezing to death on a slave ship just as it slips through a hole in the polar cap.

When the hole begins to close in 2016, Sarah and Caleb are ‘defrosted’ and sent to the surface to save their society. With the government chasing them, they use their powers, Davy’s assistance and the aid of their countrymen, arriving in spaceships, on a wild chase to avoid capture.

“…engaging conversation and humorous situations in a relaxed manner.” –Online Book Club

Dee Cope is a graduate of Brigham Young University, educator, former Air Force interrogator/translator in Spanish and Arabic and popular keynote speaker. The author of numerous short stories, poems and several novels, Dee is known for his artful ability to make a story compelling. A Little League coach and avid golfer, Dee and his wife are the parents of five children. They live in Mesa, Arizona.

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