DG Self-Publishing and IngramSpark Supporting Black Authors Through New Partnership

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Together, the two companies are setting out to encourage and support self-publishing children’s book authors in 2021

Phoenix, AZ (PRUnderground) March 17th, 2021

The team at DG Self-Publishing is thrilled to announce a brand new partnership with IngramSpark, the largest book distributor in the country. The new partnership has been forged with a mission to support self-publishing children’s book authors and encourage them to publish books in 2021.

Together, the companies hope to make self-publishing more accessible and affordable by sharing the DG Self-Publishing online course and waiving all title set up fees for students who both take the course and publish their children’s book in 2021.

In particular, DG Self-Publishing and IngramSpark are working to help Black authors who want to publish children’s books featuring Black characters. “We understand that when Black children read books, they need to see characters that look like them,” said Shamirrah Hill, who founded DG Self-Publishing with her husband, Donald.

Through their new partnership, the companies want to address the lack of representation in children’s literature while addressing the challenges that Black aspiring authors encounter when self-publishing. One way this partnership is helping address both of these issues is by promoting the DG-Self Publishing course “What to Expect When Self-Publishing a Kid’s Book.” As Black book publishers, the Hills know what it takes to successfully get a book published, and they have offered everything they know to help others through their course.

The second way this partnership is helping Black book publishers is by waiving title setup fees for all students who publish their books through IngramSpark this year.

“What to Expect When Self-Publishing a Kid’s Book” officially launched on March 16, 2021, but students can still enter the course. More information can be found at https://dgselfpublishing.com/whattoexpect.

The Hills also recently released a free training on “5 Common Mistakes First-Time Children’s Book Authors Make,” which people can sign up for at https://dgselfpublishing.com/video-training-signup

*Anyone wishing to book a phone consultation or schedule an interview with the Hills can submit their request through dgselfpublishing.com or reach out to info@dgselfpublishing.com.

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