DNE Resources Launches Web Pages Emphasizing Three-Pronged Approach to Energy Management

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Energy management firm DNE Resources launches new web pages educating visitors about how hiring an energy consultant can help North American businesses spend less, use less, and harm less by changing their energy management practices.

Kirkland, QC (PRUnderground) October 26th, 2022

Based in North America, DNE Resources helps companies identify ways to improve their energy strategy and lower their energy spending. Experts in their industry, they guide businesses toward achieving their energy goals, whether it be to reduce costs, increase efficiency, or minimize their carbon footprint. DNE Resources emphasizes this three-part approach to energy management on their new web pages to educate potential clients about the possibilities when they partner with an experienced energy management team like DNE.

With over $408 million of energy spending under their management, DNE Resources is one of the largest energy management firms. Their clients include companies throughout Canada and deregulated markets in the United States. Their energy consultants monitor fluctuations in the energy market, assess current expenditures, and make recommendations to their clients to guide well-informed decisions regarding energy procurement, spending, and usage. Their strategies have proven helpful to businesses in a variety of industries with unique needs, goals, and budgets.

“Our experience has shown that many businesses are overwhelmed by the technicalities of understanding and managing their energy usage,” said co-founder Steve Shoiry. “What we offer is a methodology that works across the board to help business leaders not only understand what they are paying for when they pay the utility bill every month, but we can help them identify opportunities to reduce energy spending, minimize their impact on the environment, and become more energy-efficient.”

The new pages on the DNE Resources site will help businesses understand the role of an energy management company. Explaining their goals to help companies spend less on energy, use less energy, and harm the environment less through energy usage is the focus. Firms like DNE have the expertise to help companies not only save money but they can help implement ways to improve all aspects of their broader energy strategy.

“Energy management is not about getting the best rate for your next contract anymore,” said Shoiry. “Of course, finding an energy product that meets your company’s needs is still crucial, but it goes hand in hand with efficiency and sustainability. We’re proud to be able to educate our clients about how interconnected energy procurement, efficiency, and sustainability are and to provide end-to-end energy management services that bring consistent ROI to our customers.”

DNE Resources is a Better Business Bureau accredited firm with an A+ rating. To find out more about DNE Resources’ three-pronged approach to energy and how it helps businesses improve their energy management, visit www.DNEResources.com or call 888-631-7977.

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DNE Resources is an award-winning energy consulting firm. They develop energy strategies for homeowners, businesses, schools, non-profits, and government organizations which enable them to see their energy options.

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