Dr. Deven Tellis Debuts Children’s Book ‘Who’s to Say?’ (Quintessential Publishing House)

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The second book in her ‘Amazingly Affirmed’ children’s book series will soon be launched through her publishing company

Birmingham, AL (PRUnderground) March 19th, 2021

Dr. Deven Tellis has announced the official debut of her first children’s book, ‘Who’s to Say?’, the first in a series of children’s affirmations books she is writing. All of Dr. Deven’s books are created with an emphasis on representing BIPOC characters with uplifting storylines.

Although her first book was released with a separate indie publisher, Dr. Deven says that the second book in the series will be released through her company, Quintessential Publishing House. ‘Always Be the Light’ is slated for debut in the spring. Dr. Deven says she also plans to release a third book in the series, as well as a color and activity book.

As an author, she continues to forge ahead as a black entrepreneur, and is excited to be partnering with other local, women run, Black-owned businesses to promote literacy, family, and community outreach. With March being Women’s History Month, Dr. Deven also hopes to be an inspiration to women everywhere.

“I want this to be our legacy,” said Dr. Deven. “Representation matters.”

In ‘Who’s to Say?’, young readers are uplifted and inspired to chase their dreams through a story that engages with bright illustrations and encouraging words.

“‘Who’s to Say’ is a reminder that we all need to block out those who aim to stifle the growth of others,” said Dr. Deven. “Children deserve to have dreams and aspirations as big as the moon, and who’s to say they shouldn’t want more for themselves.”

“This book is powerful and very encouraging,” said a reader. “The illustrations are awesome and any child will be excited to put themselves in the place of the kids depicted!”

Quintessential Publishing House looks forward to sharing its mission of providing uplifting diverse stories to people all over the world as it continues to grow. More information about ‘Who’s to Say?’ and other upcoming titles from Dr. Deven can be found at https://drdevencreates.com.

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Quintessential Publishing House was created by Dr. Deven Tellis with a mission of providing diverse and uplifting stories that represent BIPOC characters.

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