ECO Green Supplies Equipment to Colombian OTR Tire Recycling Facility

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Colombian tire recycler, Duramos selects ECO Green tire recycling equipment to install a one-of-a-kind recycling plant for OTR mining tires.

North Salt Lake City, UT (PRUnderground) July 8th, 2021

A worldwide leader in turnkey industrial tire recycling solutions, ECO Green Equipment, has provided tire recycling machinery to companies since 2001. Their unique equipment allows recyclers to collect and recycle waste rubber from massive off-the-road (OTR) mining tires. Duramos is the most recent company to purchase ECO Green’s powerful equipment to keep these tires from piling up and creating a negative environment impact.

ECO Green provides a full line of recycling equipment for processing OTR tires all the way to passenger and truck tires. Tire recyclers can integrate this equipment into an existing system or build their entire line of ECO Green products.

Located in the mining region of Colombia, Duramos will be the first tire recycling plant of its kind in the country. Armed with the ECO Razor and ECO Extractor, they are prepared to recycle some of the largest tires on Earth. Because OTR mining tires cannot be processed whole, as many passenger and truck tires are, Duramos is relying on the ability of the ECO Green Equipment to process and downsize the OTR tires into 30lb chunks to be furthered processed into useable products.

“OTR tires present a unique problem. They are much too big for a primary shredder, but when they reach end of life, they still have massive amounts of rubber to be recovered,” remarked Brad Swenson, ECO Green Equipment President. “I am excited to see our innovative equipment working in Colombia and the environmental impact it will have on the region.”

ECO Green Equipment is constantly innovating to solve tire waste issues. Built to maximize running time and product output, their shredders and grinders have low energy needs compared with other recycling equipment. They are easy to maintain, which minimizes downtime for repairs and maximizes profits.

“Tire recycling is good for the planet, yes, but in order to be a viable solution, it needs to be a profitable business as well,” said Swenson. “At ECO Green, we build equipment that works harder longer to help waste tire recyclers like Duramos realize profits so they can continue to serve the community and the world at large.”

To learn more about how ECO Green Equipment’s machinery is helping tire recyclers like Duramos clean up the environment, visit or call (801) 505-6841.

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Eco Green Equipment specializes in tire recycling. The company prides itself as the global leader in cost-effective turnkey tire recycling systems.

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