ECO Green Supports Rubber Waste Clean-Up at Colombian Mine

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ECO Green Equipment’s advanced OTR recycling machinery used at Drummond Colombia mine in La Loma, Cesar, Colombia to recycle mining tires.

North Salt Lake City, UT (PRUnderground) July 24th, 2021

World-leading innovator and manufacturer of tire recycling equipment, ECO Green Equipment, Inc. is helping to clean up rubber tire waste in Colombia. Their unique machinery can break-down even the toughest OTR tires such as those in use on mining vehicles at the Drummond Colombia mine. The Duramos recycling facility nearby will be able to recycle these OTR tires using equipment designed and built by ECO Green Equipment.

ECO Green Equipment has been producing innovative tire recycling machinery for the past 20 years. During that time, they have shown a consistent desire to discover new ways to make tire recycling more efficient and equipment more durable. Their patented machines help companies produce the maximum amount of rubber with the minimum amount of energy, reducing their carbon footprint.

The open-pit Drummond Colombia coal mine has been in operation since the early 1990s. The massive R57 tires on the earthmovers employed there are the primary tires Duramos aims to recycle. Rather than being discarded, the rubber salvaged from these tires will become rubber mulch for export and tire-derived fuel (TDF), which will be sold to one of the largest cement companies in the world.

“The waste tires at the Drummond mine and other mines around the world really present a problem for tire recyclers. Their sheer size is an immense hurdle to overcome,” stated Brad Swenson, ECO Green Equipment President. “At ECO Green, we have developed equipment that overcomes this barrier. They break mining tires down in manageable chunks that can be fed into a primary shredder and recycled into a variety of rubber products.”

The recycling process will require a series of five distinctive ECO Green machines. The ECO Green Razor and ECO Extractor are uniquely designed to remove the remaining rubber from the tread and sides of OTR mining tires. Then, the ECO Shear will cut the thick rubber into pieces manageable by the ECO Green Giant, a dual shaft shredder, which can reduce it to 2-6-inch shreds. The final step is a trip through the ECO Grater, resulting in 20mm wire-free chip at a rate of up to 12 metric tons of input an hour.

“As the market for recycled rubber products expands, so does the need for better and faster tire processing equipment,” remarked Swenson. “We plan to stay at the forefront and keep innovating solutions to advance rubber recycling efforts across the globe.”

To learn more about how companies can use ECO Green Equipment’s pioneering machines to recycle tires, visit or call (801) 505-6841.

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Eco Green Equipment specializes in tire recycling. The company prides itself as the global leader in cost-effective turnkey tire recycling systems.

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