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STAR's TECH Co., LTD. which has presented ECO-ST a new paradigm for eco-friendly de-icer.

Seoul, Korea (PRUnderground) March 3rd, 2020

De-icer is a necessity during the winter, but it does cause great economic and environmental damage to our society including concrete damage, car corrosions, porthole, pets paw burns, and respiratory problems caused by dust.

Various deicing products have been produced under the slogan ‘eco-friendly’, but they had functional limitations including reduced melting performance and caused other environmental problems, while the prices were high.

With an understanding of the limitations of the previous products, STAR’s TECH CO., LTD was surprisingly able to find a solution to the problem through the use of starfish, which is a marine waste famous for being a headache.

The starfish, contrary to its beautiful appearance, some species are suffering damage amounting to 400 million USD a year due to eating anything in its way. This includes some shellfish, oysters in aqua industries, clams, etc., and even the Great Barrier Reef, which is a famous tourist spot in Australia designated as a World Natural Heritage, has been suffering from threats from the COT (Crown of Thorns).

However, young and talented researchers from STAR’s TECH succeeded in independently developing the world’s first real eco-friendly de-icer using the porous structures extracted from starfish through incorporating innovative technology.

‘ECO-ST’ effectively adsorbs chloride ions which is an environmental pollutant generated by chloride deicer and enables 0.8% corrosion inhibit rate compared to road salt with a very small amount of corrosion inhibitor. In addition, the melting performance is 166% higher compared to Road Salt, proving an overwhelming advantage in terms of performance as well as to the environment than the previous eco-friendly de-icer.

‘ECO-ST’ completed all performance verifications by the Certified Testing Institutions (KTR, KCL)and has already obtained patents in Korea, Japan, and Russia, while it has been applied for in Canada, the United States, Europe, and China.

Eco-friendly de-icer ‘ECO-ST’ is now available on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter campaign visit :


STAR’s TECH CO, LTD has developed ECO-ST as the most complete solution to the numerous environmental problems of winter de-icers. Vision of STAR’s TECH is to create Social Values based on Innovative Technology. As a first step, STAR’s TECH will lead the global eco-friendly de-icer market to provide the most complete solution to the environmental problems in winter.

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